1. skews13

    Trump Pardons Arsonists Who Tried To Kill Fire Fighters

    Tuesday morning, immediately after his farce of Supreme Court nomination, Donald Trump issued his latest "fuck you" to the rule of law. He issued a pardon to the child-abusing serial arsonists Dwight and Steven Hammond. The Oregon ranchers were convicted of—and pleaded guilty to—arson on...
  2. skews13

    ISIS Fighters Kill Navy SEAL In Iraq

    STUTTGART, Germany, May 3 (Reuters) - Islamic State fighters killed a U.S. serviceman in northern Iraq on Tuesday when they overran Kurdish defenses in the biggest attack in the area in recent months, officials said. The man, later confirmed as a Navy SEAL, was the third American to be killed...
  3. excalibur

    400 fighters to attack Europe in wave of bloodshed

    News from The Associated Press 
  4. LongWinded

    US Commander Says Only Four or Five Pentagon-Trained Fighters in Syria

    US Commander Says Only Four or Five Pentagon-Trained Fighters in Syria $500 million for 5 trained soldiers. Give me a break. Why aren't the republicans calling for an investigation into THIS spending?
  5. imaginethat

    5 Hezbollah Fighters Killed In Israeli Helicopter Strike on Syrian Territory

    Let's see. Hezbollah fights alongside Assad's forces against rebel groups including ISIS. Hezbollah is Shiite; ISIS is Sunni. The US is sending "advisors" to train the Syrian rebels. Syria and Iran seem to be buds, but Syria, Iran, and the US consider ISIS a threat. Israel's strike against...
  6. imaginethat

    ISIS executes 100 foreign fighters who tried to flee:

    Oh yeah? Islamic State executes 100 foreign fighters who tried to flee: Report
  7. pana8

    Need a job? U.S. Giving Syrian Fighters Millions of Dollars for Salaries

    No problem. You can be a US paid terrorists. February 17 2014 "Information Clearing House - "WSJ" - AMMAN, Jordan—Washington's Arab allies, disappointed with Syria peace talks, have agreed to provide rebels there with more sophisticated weaponry, including shoulder-fired missiles that can take...
  8. Ray Kaye

    Foo Fighters Sing About Tolerance Before Westboro Protesters

    The Foo Fighters warmed up for a concert in Kansas City, Missouri last Friday by performing on a rolling rig before a group of Westboro Baptist Church picketers, who at first seemed unaware of the band was making fun of them, reports Huffington Post. Members of the hate-spewing Westboro...
  9. CNN

    U.S. officials: Taliban fighters training in Iran

    Iran is helping train Taliban fighters within its borders, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials. More...
  10. CNN

    Officials: Al Qaeda fighters move into Horn of Africa

    Al Qaeda operatives are leaving the battle zones along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and heading for Somalia and Yemen, where they have set up training camps, according to U.S. intelligence officials. More...