1. skews13

    Trump Pardons Arsonists Who Tried To Kill Fire Fighters

    Tuesday morning, immediately after his farce of Supreme Court nomination, Donald Trump issued his latest "fuck you" to the rule of law. He issued a pardon to the child-abusing serial arsonists Dwight and Steven Hammond. The Oregon ranchers were convicted of—and pleaded guilty to—arson on...
  2. imaginethat

    Undocumented hell. Illegal immigrant starts huge forest fire

    He most likely doesn't speak Spanish, and I doubt a wall would have kept him out. More: Undocumented immigrant accused of starting Colorado wildfire that forced hundreds to evacuate - NY Daily News
  3. Sabcat

    Booksellers expected 'Fire and Fury' crowds for Comey book. Instead, journalists

    DC booksellers expected 'Fire and Fury' crowds for Comey book. Instead, they got mostly journalists
  4. Camelot

    Trump Tower Fire - 1 Dead 4 Inj. Plus Sick Tweet

    Don the con tweeted something sick before waiting for the details again. This guy is sick.
  5. imaginethat

    Sessions fired top FBI official McCabe before pension eligibility

    Pitiful pettiness. Rightists will defend doing this in 3, 2, 1........... Sessions may fire top FBI official McCabe before pension eligibility
  6. T

    GOP Lawmakers Warn Trump Not to Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller

    By Kristina Peterson and Chris Gordon WASHINGTON—Republican lawmakers warned President Donald Trump Sunday against firing special counsel Robert Mueller, in the wake of reports last week that the president considered dismissing him in June. “It’s pretty clear to me that everybody in the White...
  7. tristanrobin

    Five takeaways from Trump’s thwarted effort to fire Mueller

    Five Takeaways from Trump’s Thwarted Effort to Fire Mueller The revelation that Donald Trump sought to fire Bob Mueller last June, but reluctantly backed off after Don McGahn threatened to resign, is the latest reminder that fear of political fallout has done more to insulate the special...
  8. Kelvin

    Fire at Clinton's Chappaqua House

    Just in, no further details.
  9. imaginethat

    National Guard soldier home for holidays died saving people in the deadly Bronx fire

    The face of a good, courageous man, an immigrant from Ghana. A National Guard soldier home for the holidays died trying to save people in the deadly Bronx fire A National Guard soldier who was home for the holidays died while saving people from the massive apartment fire in the Bronx...
  10. K

    Trump's 'fire and fury' rhetoric met with defiance by Kim Jong Un

    Trump's 'fire and fury' rhetoric met with defiance by Kim Jong Un By Stephen Collinson, CNN Mon September 4, 2017 With his previous threat to rain "fire and fury" on North Korea and warning that the US military is "locked and loaded" to respond to Kim Jong Un's provocations, Trump...
  11. Camelot

    Everyone Is Running From The Dumpster Fire

    Now his incompetence is costing him huge $$$$$$$. We got the Dumpster Fire on the ropes folks;
  12. tristanrobin

    POTUS' pants on fire - again

    Fact Check: No, Trump Did Not ‘Modernize’ U.S. Nukes Amid growing anxiety about North Korea’s nuclear weapon capabilities, President Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that one of the first things he did on assuming the presidency was to "modernize" the nation's nuclear arsenal. Twitter...
  13. Maverick

    Pardon 'em all and fire Mueller

    Oh! How delicious it is having Trump as POTUS. Regulations falling, the courts getting real jurists appointed to vacant seats, ending the involvement in Syria, the insane fake news making up stories to our delight. Now, one more, the pardon issue. But what if President Trump, exercising his...
  14. reedak

    North Korea will NEVER fire its nuclear missiles westward and northward?

    China's UN ambassador Liu Jieyi on Monday (Jul 3) warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to find a way to ease tensions with North Korea which he said could "get out of control". Instead he should have warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to dismantle North...
  15. GhostRider

    More smoke to fuel the fire in the Trump cult of liars and thieves

    Trump/Page/Manafort Caught on Tape Offering Deal to Putin For Election Hacking, Sources Say | Bluedot Daily If only a small percentage of rumors the press is chasing down is true, trump will be a black mark in American history soon. Three cheers for the press.
  16. P

    Such peaceful tolerance from the left, they set a girls hair on fire at inauguration

    You people are disgusting, vile, less than human beings, with no tolerance, except for your own misguided views of, you get your way or else. Caught on video: Female Trump supporter?s hair set on fire at DC inauguration protest ? TheBlaze Amid the number of masked, black-clad rioters...
  17. GhostRider

    Too much smoke for there not to be a fire Never in modern history has there been so much fuel to cause serious investigation of a sitting President and those he has surrounded himself with. ✊
  18. roastpork

    Illegal starts forest fire in Ca.

    Isn't this just special.:mellow:
  19. Sabcat

    Fire DEA Head Chuck Rosenberg for Calling Medical Marijuana a "Joke"

    sign in link
  20. Sabcat

    Amateur Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Exchange Fire with Shooter

    BREAKING: Amateur Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Exchange Fire with Shooter the stream was cut off but will be reposted when another one is released. there is still the one from twitter in the link but doesn't have much.