1. Clara007

    Attention posters! Fix DTT!

    I'm asking everyone to click on CONTACT US and start spamming Chip, owner of DTT. Imaginethat has had to deal with NO administrative SUPPORT--by himself--and now the hacking--every day--all week. So come on! We have our differences but we want DTT to be a better site WITHOUT all the SPAM...
  2. A

    Obama has set back race relations for many years. How will Trump fix race relations?

    I graduated from High School in 1977 from a small MO farm town (12,000 pop) and we had HUGE violent race riots. They really peaked in about 1975/76. Since that time race relations have steadily improved. They did under Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II until we elected Obama. Obama was the...
  3. RNG

    Fix for gerrymandering

    Some time ago in a thread that was about gerrymandering or drifted into that subject, I brought up the fact that I had seen a sight that gave the results of a software program that drew electoral districts based only on equalizing populations and minimizing travel distances. At the time I...
  4. coke

    WikiLeaks exposes what voters disdain — and candidates fail to fix

    WikiLeaks exposes what voters disdain ? and candidates fail to fix
  5. RNG

    How the GOP wants to fix the Wells Fargo fraud

    From the "you can't make this stuff up" file: Republican senators outraged by Wells Fargo?s fraud want to eliminate the agency that uncovered it - Vox
  6. skews13

    The Time Reagan Reached Into My Pocket To Fix The Economy

    Fast forward to 1981, and The Gipper and the napkin doodling Laffer have a curve that they want to throw at us. We have to get more by getting less. Shortly after an assassination attempt, Ronald Reagan went to congress and “pounded the podium” to get congress to cut social security programs...
  7. RNG

    Iran's Rouhani urges Muslims to fix Islam's global image

    This is what I have been waiting to hear from Muslim leaders for a long time. The source somewhat surprises me. Iran's Rouhani urges Muslims to fix Islam's global image - BBC News
  8. P

    Ya can't fix Stupid melissa harris Perry is proof

    MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry brings race into 'Star Wars' discussion | Fox News MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry brings race into 'Star Wars' discussion Published December 14, Facebook Twitter Email Now Playing MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry shared her views on race...
  9. Gordy

    Western Invasions Can't Fix the ME - Because they Wrecked the ME

    Western Invasions can't fix the Middle East because they wrecked the Middle East | Informed Comment The problems of the Middle East were created by Western imperialism and nationalism. To ignore the West's role in creating the modern ME through invasions, subversion, colonialism, and...
  10. roastpork

    How to fix the Economy.

    Looks like a combo of austerity and economic expansion is what's needed, and both are on the Republican agenda.^_^ 1776: The Revolt Against Austerity by Steve Pincus | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books
  11. imaginethat

    Could the fix for Afghanistan’s opium economy be in your pantry?

    Giving Afghans some options. Could the fix for Afghanistan's opium economy be in your pantry?
  12. excalibur

    Senate Overwhelmingly Approves House 'Doc Fix' Bill

    Senate overwhelmingly approves House 'doc fix' bill | TheHill 
  13. excalibur

    Trying To Fix The Stupid At MSNBC

    Fire 'em all would be the place to start, then fumigation. News from The Associated Press 
  14. LongWinded

    Obama Vows Not To Sign A Budget Bill That Doesn't Fix Sequestration

    Obama Vows Not To Sign A Budget Bill That Doesn't Fix Sequestration This is mandatory, the end to these Sequestration bills. Start legislating republicans. Yeah, right.
  15. roastpork

    The fix is in.

    Legislators trying to fix the unfixable.:huh: Bipartisan House Group Preparing $213 Billion "Doc Fix" Plan. AP AP reports that according to “a document circulating among lawmakers,” a bipartisan group of House leaders is “working on a $213 billion plan to doctors are paid...
  16. S

    Why Government Money Can't Fix Poverty

     January 26, 2015 Why Government Money Can’t Fix Poverty The recent history of Camden, New Jersey, which is the poorest small city in America, provides a case study of the tragic ineffectiveness of government programs at ameliorating poverty. State and federal taxpayers have spent...
  17. RNG

    Brownbackistan Finds a Fiscal Fix

    I'm still laughing State OKs sale of sex toys online to recoup tax losses |
  18. webguy4

    the right fix for healcare coverage.

    republicans are ok with the idea if private medical savings accounts, but that doesn't go far enough for me. I say ban all employers accept police, military, and fire departments from offering healthcare coverage as a benefit of employment. insurance companies would be forced to price at...
  19. RNG

    Obama to Fix Immigration on His Own, Without Congress

    I would have thought this would be posted 17 times by now. First the CNN email. Then this. This stinks if other than an empty threat. Democrats: No bluff, Obama will go it alone on immigration | TheHill
  20. webguy4

    fix america

    my number one suggestion for reversing the downward spiral of america is that we impose a minimum $10,000 fine on anyone who produces a child outside of a marital relationship.