1. J

    Nike: Betsy Ross Flag vs the Stars and Bars . . . Confederate flag wins?

    . It is absolutely mind numbing that the pin heads at Nike would intentionally recall a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag because it allegedly glorifies slavery and racism. Could it be that Nike may secretly embrace the Stars and Bars, which is the actual flag which flew in opposition to...
  2. tristanrobin

    Kent State Gun Moll Respects the U.S. Flag for Trump's Birthday

    Remember Kaitlin Bennett. the AR toting gun moll from Kent State… Well she’s back promoting her own brand of Faux News stupidity, probably aiming for the seat next to Steve Doocy… Since she's probably one of the people who whine over NFL players “disrespecting the flag” here’s the...
  3. Sabcat

    Active shooter at YouTube HQ

    They are shooting up the YouTube today.
  4. Sabcat

    Student carrying a Trump flag was assaulted during walk-out

  5. guy39

    Norway is white racists! Ban their flag!!

    More story at Norwegian Flag Mistaken for Confederate Flag in Seattle | Time
  6. K

    Las Vegas shooting is a false flag

    985. Las Vegas shooting is a false flag (10/8/2017) Las Vegas mass slaughtering was a distraction case done by the Feds(FBI and DEA). I am the murder target of the Feds(FBI and DEA). Since I stay at home to avoid being set up, They used to organize tours for my relatives to justify a...
  7. skews13

    Trump And Feces Pie Sean Hannity Sit Through Retreat Dishonoring Military, Flag

    Trump And Feces Pile Sean Hannity Sit Through Retreat Dishonoring Military, Flag https://youtu.be/6bXqhYq4erg President Trump sat and talked through the nightly playing of "Retreat" as the American flag was lowered on a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base during his interview with Sean...
  8. avlis

    Football club flag photo

    Friends put the flag of your club football .......................... My club F.C.Porto - Portugal » Super Dragons cheerleading. Claque Super Dragões
  9. Asimov

    Nazi flag for the 4th of July

    Lauderdale Residents Upset With Nazi Flag In Neighbor?s Yard « WCCO | CBS Minnesota Could this guy be any more of a no-class jerk? Yet it's his constitutional right to openly insult his neighbors, if that's his idea of community. The flag came down after a barrage of angry phone calls. Did...
  10. skews13

    The End Of The Union Jack A Flag That Will Be Missed

    Half the story about the vote is the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. But the other, more significant half is the impending breakup of the United Kingdom. The vote in Scotland could not have been more clear. Scots want no part of a United Kingdom that is not part of the European...
  11. Sabcat

    7 clues the orlando shooting may be another false flag event

    7 Clues the Orlando Shooting May be Another False Flag Event | The Daily Sheeple
  12. Sabcat

    how to create a false flag in 10 easy steps

  13. Sabcat

    $25,000 reward for information leading to exposure of false flag at orlando

  14. Sabcat

    Orlando Mass Shooting: Another Obvious False Flag and Government Psyop

    LiveLeak.com - Orlando Mass Shooting: Another Obvious False Flag and Government Psyop
  15. dusty

    The Iwo Jima flag. My uncle was there.

    the iwo jima flagg my uncle was one of those men his commander was moe or joe sounds like that's what I sead. my uncle was one of them raiseing the flagg. and I can prove it Iwo Jima Flag Raising - Bing News
  16. excalibur

    Arrest in Houston Mosque Fire

    Man charged with setting Houston mosque fire was a devout attendee - Houston Chronicle 
  17. Sabcat

    10 ways to spot false flag shootings

    Here are 10 ways to spot a false flag mass shooting: 1. Media covers the event: The national media doesn’t care about people getting killed with guns unless they can frame it within a gun control agenda. When all of the establishment media is amplifying a particular shooting, you can be...
  18. LongWinded

    Here’s What It’s Like Inside A Pro-Confederate Flag Rally

    Here's What It's Like Inside A Pro-Confederate Flag Rally | ThinkProgress Dumb. The definition of uneducated trailer trash. Bigoted, racist.
  19. I

    Black mom is horrified with the confederate flag T-shirts

    Tenn. School District Says It Can?t Stop Students From Displaying Confederate Flag Unless It Causes a ?Disturbance? - The Root That's so surreal. Just a year ago no one cared about the confederate flag and no one thought that it can be somehow related to Nazism. And now it just enrages people...