1. RNG

    More Trump and company flip flops

    Two tweets from CBC News Alerts: As to the first, I think he's just afraid he will display to an even greater degree his subservience and is afraid to do that with the elections coming up. As to the second, can't these guys get their act together? Do you think this means Pompeo is gone?
  2. Clara007

    The Greatest Flip Flop Ever??

    Republicans and Democrats who opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal forfeited a huge economic and geopolitical victory for the United States and our democratic allies in Asia. The deal would have cemented geopolitical ties with key countries, helped set rules of the road for international...
  3. RNG

    Well flip Trump's flop again

    So he brags about getting Qatar kicked out of the club. Then one of his paid thinkers gets through to him so: Trump reverses course in Qatar call - CNNPolitics.com
  4. coke

    Democrat flip?

    Joe Manchin and Claire McCaskill probably wont be in the bag for the Democrats. Joe Manchin has even been considering flipping to Republican. Both Senators are up for reelection in 2018 in deep red states. Manchin: I Won't Put Up With 'Bulls**t' If Dems Try To Obstruct GOP
  5. Camelot

    Trump Flip Flops; Adopts Jeb's Immigration Policy

    Trump is so phony. Now he thinks illegal immigrants should have legal status as long as they pay back taxes. You might as well have nominated Jeb. How much more embarrassing can this get for foolish Right wing ?
  6. LongWinded

    There's a reason Clinton flip flopped from her heatlh care stand in 2008

    Hillary Clinton?s Single-Payer Flip Flop Greased By Millions in Industry Speech Fees MONEY!!!!! Her lack of integrity in being bought to make sure Americans don't get what she campaigned on in 2008 makes her less than the ethical person we need in the White House.
  7. P

    American day cancelled wtf (what the flip)

    School cancels 'America Day' | Fox News Patriotic teenagers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming showed up to class Wednesday waving American flags in defiance of educators who canceled “America Day” over fears it might upset students who don’t consider themselves to be American.
  8. TNVolunteer73

    WV polls flip to GOP..last week the polls showing 51 gop today 52.

    Senate No Toss Ups Current Senate: 55* Democrats | 45 Republicans Senate Map · Senate No Toss Ups · House Map · Governors Map · Governors No Toss Ups . 48 Democrats * Net Change GOP +7 Republicans 52 RealClearPolitics - 2014 Election Maps - Senate No Toss Ups
  9. CNN

    Kucinich flip tweaks health care math

    Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich's announcement Wednesday morning that he will support the Senate's health care legislation has reduced the bill's opponents in the House to 204, now 12 votes shy of the 216 needed to prevent President Obama from scoring a major victory on his top domestic priority...