1. Clicker II

    The future of the Democrat party is shaping up to be a flop

    She's showing herself to be a simple magpie of the leftist crap we hear every day. https://hotair.com/archives/2018/07/16/future-democratic-party-no-idea-occupation-palestine-means-certainly-likes-using/
  2. imaginethat

    6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop

    Yup, whatever gain ordinary folks are seeing is being offset at least partially by the rising cost of groceries and fuel ... and we haven't seen the effects of the trade war just yet, but it's in the pipe. More: 6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop | TheHill Assholes, always looking...
  3. Clara007

    The Greatest Flip Flop Ever??

    Republicans and Democrats who opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal forfeited a huge economic and geopolitical victory for the United States and our democratic allies in Asia. The deal would have cemented geopolitical ties with key countries, helped set rules of the road for international...
  4. RNG

    Well flip Trump's flop again

    So he brags about getting Qatar kicked out of the club. Then one of his paid thinkers gets through to him so: Trump reverses course in Qatar call - CNNPolitics.com