1. imaginethat

    Flu Widespread In 46 States As Death Toll Climbs

    How're things in your area? Flu Widespread In 46 States As Death Toll Climbs A southwest Ohio toddler is believed to be one of the latest casualties in what is shaping up to be a particularly severe flu season. The federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said influenza is widespread...
  2. roastpork

    To avoid the flu just look.

    Kick start your immune system, just look at a sick person-really!:mellow: Looking At Sick People Primes Your Immune System
  3. excalibur

    U.S. Bird Experts Mystified by Midwest Avian Flu Spread

    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-bird-experts-mystified-midwest-202340863.html 
  4. K

    flu and pneumonia shots

    I had both of these yesterday since I was in the hospital last march with severe pneumonia. I've never had the pneumonia shot and I haven't had a flu shot in over 20 years. I wake up today at 2:30pm (yikes!) sick as a dog. aching all over, can't breathe thru my nose, sore throat, just feel awful...
  5. webguy4

    saudi flu

    read there's a scarey new flu starting up in saudi arabia. kill ratio about 50%. still early , about a hundred known cases, but with the saudi pilgrim season coming up things could get bad everywhere.
  6. intangible child

    Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner a Remedy for Swine Flu?

    In today’s modern world of medicine the FDA just will not let companies that sell products make medical claims about them unless they have been tested at great expense, and approved as a drug. But this was not always the case. In a 1924 booklet published by the Arm & Hammer Soda Company, the...
  7. intangible child

    Bird Flu Vaccine Secretly Tested on Homeless

    Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland "The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious...
  8. intangible child

    How to Prevent the Flu -- as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

    Do you know what to fill your shopping cart and daily calendar with to create a prescription for a cold- and flu-free season? By Dr. Mercola Colds are a leading cause of doctor visits and missed days from work and school, and this season is no exception. Americans suffer from approximately...
  9. intangible child

    Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria

    In this eye-opening interview, CBS News correspondent and award-winning investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson shares the details she unearthed when investigating the swine flu. Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria
  10. intangible child

    What the Inventor of the Flu Shot NOW Thinks of the Vaccine...

    Have you noticed the latest scare tactics used to offload swine flu vaccines? President Obama and his top health officials are engaging in a major public relations effort to divert attention away from whether its swine flu vaccine is effective and safe by focusing attention on whether there...
  11. intangible child

    Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law?

    Could a form of martial law be imminent? Obama appears ready to cross the Rubicon, and all he needs is a killer virus. Let’s connect some dots. Remember President Obama’s Executive Order basing 80,000 active troops at home for the first time in the history of the peacetime military...
  12. intangible child

    Swine Flu Vaccine being produced by Baxter BioPharma at their Ukraine lab is actually

    a Bio-Weapon? Subject: SWINE FLU VACCINE CAUTION ALERT: WHY was a microbiologist arrested in the USA and then sent to Israel after he claimed to have imformation that the Swine Flu Vaccine being produced by Baxter BioPharma at their Ukraine lab is actually a Bio-Weapon? WHY was Joseph...
  13. Dude111

    Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT 10 days AFTER vaccination!!

    http://www.youtube.com/v/K3JEVIblok0 Very very sad I cant even watch it,it makes me FUCKING FURIOUS!!!!!!! (When she starts crying i lose it) These fucking bastards know the possible affects AND DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!
  14. intangible child

    Big Pharma Reaps Billions From Swine Flu Fearmongering

    Pharmaceutical corporations are reaping obscene profits as a result of the media fearmongering behind the swine flu outbreak, despite the fact that the H1N1 virus has killed far less people that the seasonal flu. According to a new ABC News report out today entitled, Drugmakers, Doctors Rake...
  15. N

    Swine flu targeting young people

    I've finally made a decision to get vaccinated tomorrow after doing some research on this thing - pretty scary stuff. Apparently, swine flu could affect up to 50% of the US population - most of them being young people. If you're older, you probably have nothing to worry about. The majority of...
  16. intangible child

    Cannabis shows promise as treatment for swine flu

    Cannabis shows promise as treatment for swine flu
  17. T

    Swine Flu Warning from 1979

    YouTube - 60 Minutes, Swine Flu Vaccine Warning, 1979 pt 1
  18. L

    Preparing For Flu Season

    After the swine flu scare last spring, health experts everywhere are working hard on vaccines and trying to make decisions about what we should do to be ready if the epidemic flares up again. However, just because they're undecided doesn't mean that you have to be. Here are some things you can...
  19. intangible child

    Flu drugs inappropriate for healthy adults: study

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza may not be worthwhile to treat seasonal influenza in healthy adults, British researchers reported on Friday. Flu drugs inappropriate for healthy adults: study | Health | Reuters THE SECRET COVENANT "An illusion it will be, so large...
  20. intangible child

    What really is Swine Flu?

    IT'S WE THE PEOPLE GETTING SICK OF THE PIG POLITICIANS! And what a coincidence. It was said many years ago that when a black man became president pigs would fly. Is this swine flu pandemic one of the horseman of the Apocalypse? Everything I've read about it leads me to believe that it...