1. skews13

    Security Flaw Found In American Brains

  2. imaginethat

    Record Amount of Microplastic Found in Arctic Sea Ice

    More plastic than fish, well, every time I take our plastics to the recycling center I'm floored at how much plastic we use. Record Amount of Microplastic Found in Arctic Sea Ice A record concentration of microplastics has been discovered trapped in the Arctic's sea ice. Researchers...
  3. Clara007

    Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault After Years of Accusations NORRISTOWN, Pa. — A jury found Bill Cosby guilty Thursday of drugging and sexually assaulting a young woman at his home near here 14 years ago, capping the downfall of one of the world’s best-known entertainers, and offering...
  4. Clara007

    Nikki Haley Just Found Out: Everyone is Disposable

    Nikki Haley is crawling out from UNDER the bus. Nikki sounded dead serious and that lasted all of two days. Life in Trumpville?? Asked about Haley's statement, Larry Kudlow (WH Economic Advisor) said she may have been confused. "She got ahead of the curve. She's done a great job, she's a...
  5. G

    We turned to OAN and found a very

    interesting and in depth program on all the FBI and DOJ could be scandals, associated with the decisions and actions on all associated with the investigations surrounding the President. Not only are the actions of Comey, McCabe etc but they go back to Loretta Lynch and cover a lot. First...
  6. Sabcat

    YouTuber 'Count Dankula' Found Guilty in 'Sh*tposting' Case by British Court

    YouTuber 'Count Dankula' Found Guilty in 'Sh*tposting' Case by British Court Holy shit!!
  7. Neil

    Just found this out about Mueller & post-9/11 Anthrax attacks

    I sometimes listen to Mark Levin's radio show & usually when he's discussing domestic policy stuff we're in agreement; sometimes when he's discussing foreign policy I disagree with him, in which case I'm listening to him to monitor enemy transmissions. B) Anyways, as his radio show was...
  8. U

    webguy4 I just found your thread "Job"

    I lots of your thread and there are lots of questions.......all about the Book it's self..... Why did Job suffer......? During my thinking about Jobs suffering, my mind whent straight to where God would kill a "whole people". And he would tell Israel to kill a whole people and all their...
  9. Sabcat

    This just in!!! True cause of government shut down found!!!

    It was the russians
  10. L

    Irregularities found in FBI's handling of Hillary email case.

    It's only a matter of time before Comey's shenanigans are exposed. Congressional investigators find irregularities in FBI's handling of Clinton email case | TheHill
  11. G

    Found this very interesting...when giving

    their required financial disclosures.... "Financial disclosure rules allow lawmakers to report broad ranges for the value of both their assets and liabilities starting at $1 to $1,000 and ending with any value greater than $50 million. Precise figures are not required." i.e. On Nancy...
  12. Quigley

    Found Unconscious in Full Cardiac Arrest

    made to pull life support. Tom Petty was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after he was found unconscious, not breathing and in full cardiac arrest ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. EMTs rushed to his Malibu home and were able to get a pulse. He was rushed to the UCLA Santa Monica...
  13. Sabcat

    Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami

    Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami
  14. dusty

    i found somthing in the bible

    there is written something about a woman who gave birth to 666 babys within someplace over a 100 years time. the bible says the number of the antichrist is the number of a man. his number is 666 that last baby born was the 666th born.
  15. skews13

    Ohio GOP Rep Found Drunk Passed Out In Car With Loaded Gun

    Ohio GOP State Rep Wes Retherford, a “family values” advocate, is facing at least 1 felony charge for intoxication after he was found passed out at a Macdonald’s drive-thru Sunday morning with a loaded firearm. He apparently has had prior “partying” problems. The link from the Columbus...
  16. GhostRider

    Trump / Pence could be found guilty of treason.

    BREAKING: Mike Pence Implicated in Treason Scandal. Should We Impeach BOTH? If all the links come together as most expect, trump and his cult of liars and thieves could be gone. "trea·son ˈtrēzən/ noun the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign...
  17. C

    Found this great image gallery today. Theres some funny stuff in there.

    Cheeto in the White House
  18. GhostRider

    More voter fraud found, all republican fraudsters.

    Trump Was Right! Arrest Made For Voter Fraud?But They Voted For Trump | Bluedot Daily Trump is correct for a change, we need to investigate voter fraud. That is another statement that is going to come back and bite him in the balls.
  19. GhostRider

    Voter fraud FOUND!!!!

    Tiffany Trump is registered to vote in two states: report | TheHill Karma is a beautiful thing.
  20. Sabcat

    Precedent Set — Man Found Not Guilty for Shooting 3 Cops During No-Knock Raid Read mo

    Maybe one day the people will wake up and formally reject the war on drugs. Absolutely nothing positive comes out of it.