1. Sabcat

    People are acting like trump is going to start killing gays, take away women's rights

    ... And make slavery legal again. Like he is a Muslim or something.
  2. roastpork

    Gays for Trump.

    "The Daily Show" tries to fuck with "Gays for Trump".:angry: WATCH: Breitbart Shuts Down*'The Daily Show' at 'Gays for Trump'
  3. roastpork

    Gays Love the Second Amendment!

    Turns out Gays seem to love the 2nd Amendment!^_^ LGBT Gun Rights Group Sees Membership Quadruple After Orlando - Breitbart
  4. tristanrobin

    Christians Should Take a Bullet Rather Than Accept Gays

    Franklin Graham: True Christians should be willing to ?take a bullet? for their ?intolerant? beliefs
  5. TruthFinder

    Will gays abandon Hillary for Biden?

    I believe everybody has already heard that Joe Biden got a blessing from Obama to run the presidential election 2016. So my question is quite simple. Who will the minorities chose of these two? Biden is known to be one of the most frantic gay-rights defender. At the same time Clinton is losing...
  6. tristanrobin

    Anti-Gay Tennessee Pastor Would Like To Remind You Stoning Gays Was A-OK Under the OT

    A conservative pastor suggests the "mindset of God" includes the stoning of gay people...I guess he thought God was just joking around with all that "love thy neighbor" and "do unto others..." stuff. Asshat. He should be arrested for inciting violence. To one Tennessee preacher, apparently...
  7. roastpork

    Rubio, on Gays

    He gets it. Marco Rubio: Being Gay Is Not a Choice
  8. LongWinded

    Indiana: Discriminating Against Gays, Religious Freedom, Rewriting the Constitution

    Indiana Takes on America: Discrimination Against Gays, Religious Freedom and Rewriting the Constitution*|*Richard Brodsky A most Hitler like law.
  9. RNG

    Arkansas bars expanding local protections for gays, lesbians

    Can a fed ruling overturn a local ordinance? If so, a sneaky way around fed regulations. AP News : Arkansas bars expanding local protections for gays, lesbians
  10. LongWinded

    Saudi Arabia Beheads Gays, but Marco Rubio Has No Problem With You Traveling There

    Saudi Arabia Beheads Gays, but Marco Rubio Has No Problem With You Traveling There | Michelangelo Signorile Well, well, well. Looks as though Rubio is feeding at the campaign trough of the Fundamentalist Islamic nation of Saudi Arabia. Is he going to propose Sharia law soon?
  11. Emperor Zorn

    Again Christian Liberty is under attack by gays

    Ministers Threatened By City With Arrest, Fines For Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Marriages Idaho City, ID. Two elderly Christian ministers are being threatened to face jail and fine by local authorities, if they refuse to perform gay so-called weddings. Please read this article to know more.
  12. roastpork

    Obama and Gays

    This one is for NeroWolf :mellow: Obama's Gay-Rights Record: How He Became the LGBT President | New Republic
  13. tristanrobin

    Dramatic Shift in Tone About Gays from Vatican

    In a dramatic shift in tone, a Vatican document said Monday that homosexuals had "gifts and qualities to offer" and asked if Catholicism could accept gays and recognize positive aspects of same-sex couples. Roman Catholic gay rights groups around the world hailed the paper as a breakthrough, but...
  14. tristanrobin

    SCOTUS Decision Allows Gays to Marry in 11 States

    The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up the divisive issue of same-sex marriage, a surprise move that will allow gay men and women to marry in as many as 11 new states but leave the issue unsettled nationwide. By rejecting appeals in cases involving Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin...
  15. roastpork

    Gays cause heartache.

    I still think they did this just because they could!:mellow: Bias Case Over Gay-Wedding Cake May Bankrupt Baker
  16. intangible child

    Oklahoma GOP candidate: Stoning gays the ‘right’ thing to do

    People who quote scripture to justify their ignorance never cease to amaze me. Written within the Bible are so many rules Christians are supposed to follow that it’s literally impossible to follow every single one. But out of all these rules, religious fanatics seem to focus on homosexuality...
  17. tristanrobin

    Gays Are Going To Hell Says State’s Expert Witness In Michigan Marriage Trial

    The state of Michigan could not have done the LGBT community a bigger favor than it did by forming its expert witness list in the case that will decide the future of marriage for the people of the Great Lakes State. Michigan’s Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, who is defending the...
  18. tristanrobin

    Sen. Kelsey pulls sponsorship of 'Turn The Gays Away' bill

    Tennessee State Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) suddenly pulled his sponsorship of the so-called "Turn the Gays Away" bill on Thursday after the controversial proposal was subject to national attention. Sen. Kelsey filed the Religious Liberties Act last week, and the gay and lesbian...
  19. tristanrobin

    GOP Lawmaker Seeks To Allow Doctors, Morticians To Refuse Service To Gays

    GOP Lawmaker Seeks To Allow Doctors, Morticians To Refuse Service To Gays | The New Civil Rights Movement A Republican state lawmaker in Idaho is pushing a bill that would protect any licensed professional who wishes to refuse service to anyone on the claim of “religious objection.” Rep...
  20. S

    Liberal Hero Farrakhan’s Call for Gays to be Beheaded Gets No Reaction from Media

    More Sick Liberal Hypocrisy: Liberal Hero Farrakhan’s Call for Gays to be Beheaded Gets No Reaction from Media December 21, 2013 It is amazing that Leftist hero and Obama buddy Louis Farrakhan can talk about beheading and stoning gays to death and you won’t hear a word from the media...