1. Sabcat

    Canadian Man Changes Gender for Cheaper Car Insurance
  2. Sabcat

    Delaware Set to Allow Kids to ‘Choose’ Their Own Race and Gender Without Parental Kno

    Delaware Set to Allow Kids to 'Choose' Their Own Race and Gender Without Parental Knowledge
  3. webguy4

    Gender Equality

    Gender norming is gender bias
  4. roastpork

    Gender nutral?

    I dated a Kappa back in 1962 at the U of I in Champaign, what a shame.:unsure: Harvard Sorority Dissolves to Become Gender-Neutral Social Club - Breitbart
  5. Proud Feminist

    Gender dysphoria and lies

    Many of you will be surprised that we actually work with conservative's in certain area's. Women's Liberation Front | WoLF Statement on Working With Conservatives
  6. Sabcat

    Law Enables Gov’t to Seize Children from Parents Opposing Gender Transition

    Oh Canada. They are at it again I have brought up Bill 89 previously and now it has passed. They keep getting crazier and crazier. Why do Canadians hate Liberty so much...
  7. Sabcat

    How to Legally Change Your Gender in Canada

    it is much easier than you would think to officially change your gender in Canada, check it out.
  8. webguy4

    Next in the gender war

    All restroom and lockerrooms and dressing rooms in the us will be barred from placing gender discriminating labels on the doors. No more , men or women, boys or girls, ladies or gentlemen, etc. all facilities must be open to all people, no more separate but equal, no from now on its equal...
  9. P

    An open letter to liberal gender deniers!

    An Open Letter To Liberal Gender-Deniers | The Daily Caller Make sure you read the whole thing!
  10. Jimmyb

    Unemployed Gender Studies Major Sues ‘The Patriarchy

    Unemployed Gender Studies Major Sues ‘The Patriarchy
  11. Sabcat

    seattle man tests gender equality bathroom law

    An unidentified man wearing board shorts walked into the women’s bathroom of Evans Pool, in the heart of Seattle, on Monday evening. The women inside the locker room at the time attempted to kick him out, but the guy refused and said “the law has changed and I have the right to be here.”...
  12. RNG

    Total Gender Equality in the Military

    Let the battle begin. (Two means here, folks.)
  13. LongWinded

    There Are 27 Countries Better At Gender Equality Than The U.S.

    There Are 27 Countries Better At Gender Equality Than The U.S. The more religion rears its ugly head, the more we go to the Dark Ages.
  14. webguy4

    USA's Gender Neutral Military

    In order to more rapidly facilitate the gender neutrality of America's armed services the joint chiefs of staff have directed that all members off each of the armed forces will be issued a standard undergarment they are required to wear. this garment is to be sheer, tight fitting, rayon, with an...
  15. Medicine Man

    Andrea Tantaros; Had Gender "Reassignment"-Surgery??

    If NOT, how could she accuse ANOTHER WOMAN of being.... . . . .
  16. roastpork

    Gender discrimination.

    Is this a case of gender bias?:huh: David Mamet Cancels Clarence Thomas Play Over Cast Switch
  17. M

    Dr. Bagixany: misunderstanding about gender exists in Kurdistan

    An Interview With Dr Nazand Begixani In a short one day-visit to Soran University, Dr. Bagixany explained her visit and talked about the case of gender as well as delivering some lectures on ‘Gender’. She showed her pleasure on her visit to Soarn University, and pointed to the...
  18. RNG

    India court recognises transgender people as third gender

    This one really surprised me. I always think of India and the Hindu and Sikh cultures as being very conservative, especially relating to sex and relationships as is evidenced by the number of honor killings and that they still often have arranged marriages. But I guess things, they are...
  19. imaginethat

    The Gender Wage Gap Lie

    Differences exist, but not for the commonly quoted reasons, as this anything-but right-wing source explains. Gender pay gap: The familiar line that ?women make 77 cents to every man?s dollar? simply isn?t accurate. - Slate Magazine