1. RNG

    43% of Reps Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

    Some wise man said democracy wouldn't suddenly die, it would be chipped away bit by bit till it was gone. This is a big chip. Be afraid, be very afraid.
  2. imaginethat

    Putin wants Trump to give him access to one man - revealing Putin's greatest weakness

    Putin did a poor job of concealing his emotions when he spoke of Mr. Browder, a man who dared to expose Russian corruption and threaten Putin's wealth. Putin's greatest weakness? His pride and greed...
  3. dusty

    give the lawmakerd a extended vocation

    we pay tax everything is taxed but when it becomes ileegal to grow your own food in your own back yard i pay tax for every year.. that gov can go take a ------ ---- somplace . i was just thinking of growing then i read this crap. like it was put there intentaly for me to read. i am...
  4. Citizen Kane

    Give Trump his due: Europe must spend more on NATO

    Indeed, and any American not backing President Trump on this is a fool. About the author: Matthieu Borsboom, a former vice admiral of the Royal Netherlands Navy, is Burson-Marsteller’s senior adviser for defense and security...
  5. skews13

    IG Report Doesn't Give Trump What He Wants But Cherry Picking Will Make It All Good

    That doesn’t mean that selected sentences from this report aren’t going to be central to Trump’s tweets, Nunes’s memos, and Sean Hannity’s blather from this point on. But it does mean that what’s absolutely not in the report is any evidence that Comey acted to protect Hillary Clinton, or that...
  6. U

    Give credit where credit is due....

    Rahm Emanuel got something going in Chicago....... This site did not work but the murder rate went down 15% in 2017.........that is a giant step for Chicago.
  7. G

    What did Trump really "give" to NKorea?

    It would only take a day to restart any of the war games and it cost this nation not one penny. While N Korea must … is starting to destroy it's nuclear weapons program or even that small thing is gone. Even before this meeting N Korea had "given" a return of US prisoners and a...
  8. Sabcat

    Planned Parenthood 'let's give Disney Princesses Abortions'
  9. RNG

    US, UK refuse to give students Pisa test on tolerance and fake news

    I was quite surprised to learn that several countries, the two largest being the US and the UK will not allow their students to take one of the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) tests. It is the one that is designed to assess respect for other cultures, challenge extremism...
  10. L

    WalMart give 22% raise to lowest paid workers due to Trump Tax Bill

    Looks like all the Dems lying about this just benefiting "billionaires" and "corporations" are getting exposed as the morons they are. Paying out bonuses to all workers as well.
  11. skews13

    What Would You Give Up For Trump?

    Any hope that Republicans might abandon Trump after their tax windfall became law should have evaporated after seeing Vice President Pence fawn over his Dear Leader every 12 seconds. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s switch from one-time champion of the Russia investigation to volunteer Trump golf course...
  12. imaginethat

    Analysis: Companies are rolling in cash, why give them more?

    Indeed, why? Analysis: Companies are rolling in cash, why give them more? U.S. business shows little sign of needing the hefty tax cut that congressional Republicans are rushing to enact into law, according to several analysts. Big business already is posting record profits while paying...
  13. roastpork

    Which States give the most?

    Yep, Illinois right up there.:blink: Holiday spirit: These are the most charitable states in America | Fox Business
  14. RNG

    Three words that give people an address

    Here is an interesting and innovative new way of describing the locating anything on earth to within 1.5 ft. with just three words. A neat idea that can happen because of the power of today's computers, since: This is allowing people living in remote villages in Mongolia to open bank...
  15. Sabcat

    Dismantle the FBI, and Give its Money Back to the States
  16. Sabcat

    Gavin McInnes give Ann Coulter's speech at Berkeley

    Here ya go
  17. imaginethat

    Putting America first doesn't give anybody any excuse to be an asshole

    It wasn't enough for Trump to again make unsubstantiated allegations this time aimed at our closest ally, the UK. No, later he played tough guy with Merkel. Please watch the video. He's insulting. Being strong, putting America first doesn't give anybody any excuse to be an asshole...
  18. skews13

    Jews Give Local Muslims Keys Their Synagogue After Town Mosque Burns Down

    This is what solidarity looks like. While some Texans are going out of their way to target and scare Muslims, there are others who serve as a reminder that, yes, there are people in America who do have a soul. Over the weekend, the only mosque in Victoria, Texas burned down. The cause of...
  19. tristanrobin

    Give Him Hell, Harry ...

    Yet, just one more example of the low-class scumminess that is Donald Trump Trump Belittles Harry Reid's Injury, Gets Deserved Response | Huffington Post excerpt:
  20. coke

    Got to give props

    Trump lmao. He played the press hard core. He says he is going to deliver a speech pertaining to the birthers. The press all gathers and covers this historic speech. Then he says, President Obama was born in the USA. :lol::lol::lol: Props to Trump on this one. A hell of a rick roll indeed...