1. foundit66

    Former state GOP leader kills mother’s dog, claims he’s ‘the second coming of Christ,

    Former state GOP leader kills mother’s dog, claims he’s ‘the second coming of Christ,’ police say
  2. tristanrobin

    Let's Talk Intelligence of the GOP Party in Power

    okay. I get it. It's funny. And he was being punked. BUT. WOULD YOU HAVE FALLEN FOR THIS CRAP??? And he is MAKING LAW. Think about it.
  3. foundit66

    GOP to Silicon Valley: Promote the Far Right or Else What happened to the right-wing concept of "These are businesses and if you don't like their business model, you should go elsewhere?" Oh yeah. I forgot that when it comes to applying right-wing ideology to...
  4. RNG

    The new GOP tool

    As if in this day of alternative facts, biased media and Druggie Limbaugh and his clones weren't enough, we now have a new threat to truth. So now we know where Elvis really is. Right? Well, maybe not: I guess this technology is here but developing a way of detecting it is proving harder...
  5. tristanrobin

    More GOP Homophobic Anti-Gay Legislation Up For Voting

    Does anybody else remember Dear Leader getting up on the campaign trail vowing to protect "our GLBT citizens?!" IT CAN'T be possible that he would ... LIE ... is it?! Republicans Attack Queer Citizens in an Absurdly Hostile Party Platform Just in case you were wondering if it’s safe for...
  6. Camelot

    GOP Refuses To Renew State Election Security

    In the midst of unparalleled election cyber security attacks, the right wing Russian surrender monkies refuse to renew state funding grants for election security.
  7. F

    GOP: Putin Is bad. Gorbachev Is Good.

    Finally, the ol’ Butcher of Afghanistan came out of the woodwork to offer sage advice: Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev says the next month’s U.S.-Russian summit could become a historic event. Gorbachev was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying Thursday that if Russian...
  8. tristanrobin

    GOP Unveils New Slogan Today. Not a Joke.

  9. skews13

    GOP Congressman Buys $3M Yacht After Voting For Tax Scam

    Why would a wealthy Congressman treat himself to a luxurious yacht you say? The answer is simple and why we call the tax bill the #GOPTaxScam. The wealthy are lavished with massive tax breaks, thus they can afford another yacht or two. Buchanan’s net-worth is nearly $74 million and the...
  10. RNG

    Dems crush GOP in party registration

    Some bad news for Dems had been coming from a few polls lately, but here is some really good news. Complete story at:
  11. skews13

    On The 7 GOP Senators That Just Betrayed Us In Moscow

    Trump and the GOP want to hold onto their control of the U.S. Senate more than anything in the world. They want it so bad they were willing to go to Moscow and telegraph their new quarterback, Vladimir Putin, to run the same play he ran in 2016, the one where Russian Internet trolls...
  12. RNG

    Nazi running for GOP

    And that's according to Ted Cruz. I hadn't heard about this:
  13. skews13

    GOP Trying To Deflect Criticism With New Left Is Unhinged Narrative

    Have you been noticing this the last few days, and notice you are starting to see posts here parroting the talkingpoints?
  14. imaginethat

    6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop

    Yup, whatever gain ordinary folks are seeing is being offset at least partially by the rising cost of groceries and fuel ... and we haven't seen the effects of the trade war just yet, but it's in the pipe. More: 6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop | TheHill Assholes, always looking...
  15. skews13

    GOP Plan To Hold Rod Rosenstein In Contempt Goes South

    Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte is not having the best day. His extra-harsh immigration bill has been the center of confusion and dissent on the House floor. And now it appears he may have screwed Republican plans to spice up their Friday by charging Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein...
  16. GluteusMaximus

    Outraged GOP micropeener shoots some people

    Thank God for the NRA and the GOP. Otherwise this guy in Colorado compensating for a micropenis wouldn't have been able to shoot a family because he was upset! Sounds like a true Republican "tough guy". I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't getting marriage proposals from stupid Republican girls...
  17. tristanrobin

    The Pompous GOP Credo Was a Sham All Along

    The Pompous GOP Credo Was a Sham All Along Are you old enough to remember when the Republican Party had principles and a backbone? It seems so long ago. If you do recall that bygone time, you might expect that said principles and backbone will assert themselves, sooner or later, against...
  18. tristanrobin

    This is Who the GOP Claims to Represent

    Below is the link to the Go Fund Me account for the man with terminal cancer whose wife had to go back to work to pay for it and was murdered at Santa Fe High School the other day. Cynthia Tisdale was a substitute teacher at Sante...