1. tristanrobin

    Trump has been steadily stacking top posts with hate group leaders and anti-immigrant

    Trump has been steadily stacking top posts with hate group leaders and anti-immigrant activists Refugees aren’t the only group that Donald Trump’s nominee to head the State Department's office for refugees has targeted. In a blog post last year for the Center for Immigration Studies...
  2. skews13

    MN Mosque Bombers Caught Leader Of Group Bid On Trump Wall

    So yeah, I get that there were some big developments on Tuesday and Wednesday that took up a lot of reporting. But come on, we actually have terrorists who committed crimes and violence on American soil, caught and about to face justice. Why is the mainstream media not making a bigger deal...
  3. Gordy

    White Lives Matter Group Assaulting Interracial Couple "White Lives Matter" protesters assaulting an interracial couple.
  4. guy39

    George Soros funding terrorist group ANTIFA Brings facts about Soros and his funding to terrorist communist groups working under the direction of the Democrat party. More with Soros A interview with him talking about going out and confiscating...
  5. T

    Antifa classified as a terrorist group

    Back in 2016 it seems. Yet we heard nothing from Obama about that. And we have posters here that have supported antifa, so they support terrorists. Are the Antifa Terrorists? Feds Have Reportedly Classified Their Activities as ?Domestic Terrorist Violence?
  6. T

    Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group

    Public schools, and the teachers unions, are the enemy of the nation. Public School Teachers Lead Antifa Group | The Daily Caller
  7. T

    Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work

    Hmm. How do you say 'whoops' in Russian? Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work
  8. S

    SPLC is the hate group!

    SPLC names any organization that disagree with them a hate group trying to suppress free speech. The SPLC calls Christians a “hate group.” Now, Christians are fighting back. Aaron Colen Aug 24, 2017 10:30 pm The Southern Poverty Law Center has been trying to marginalize Christian...
  9. F

    Normandy group stripped Mikheil Saakashvili of Ukrainian citizenship

    Member of the Parliament of Ukraine from the Radical Party Dmytro Lynko posted on his Facebook page that Petro Poroshenko had stripped ex-governor of the Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili of his Ukrainian citizenship after the 'Normandy format' phone talks held on July 24. President was...
  10. imaginethat

    Watchdog group alleges Sessions violated recusal rule in firing of Comey

    I am convinced that Trump nominated Sessions just to help to keep the pot stirred. He's a throwback to another age, of Reefer Madness and stone-cold racism. His intolerance is etched into his face and seared into his eyes. He needs to go but that's probably why Trump, "the uniter," will keep...
  11. C

    IMF Group Report: Ukraine cannot survive without increases in credits

    Reports that Ukrainian economy's development has reached a level at which the IMF assistance could be minimized have proved to be, at least, premature. Financial affairs in the country, grandiosely described by Ukraine's Government as its positive financial success, may be considered as such...
  12. RNG

    Battle group sails to N. Korea? Nope

    So after sabre rattling about the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group being sent to N Korea to shake up Lil' Kimmy, I guess Trump, the paper tiger changed his mind. Nothing to see here: US carrier still thousands of miles from Korea
  13. skews13

    Anti Abortion Group In CA. Charged With 15 Felonies

    David Daleiden, head of the sham group, Center for Medical Progress This just in! Anti-abortion activists who lied their way in to being able to surreptitiously film Planned Parenthood talks have been charged with 15 felonies in California. The films, which supposedly showed evidence of...
  14. GhostRider

    One group of RWNJs fighting another group of RWNJs Conned servatives even hate each other, too funny. I watched about twenty minutes of the gaggle of deplorables and dimwits arguing with each other, all of them together didn't have the brains of a garden slug...
  15. Nwolfe35

    Group claiming to want to stop the exploitation of women exploits a woman in an email

    A group called "Just want Privacy" in Seattle WA that is backing I-1552, an initiative to place a state wide ban on transgendered people from using facilities of the gender they identify with, used the story of Kelly Herron in an email to drum up support. Kelly Herron was attacked by a...
  16. excalibur

    Soros Group Funded ‘Opposition Research’ On Critics Of Radical Islam

    Hillary's, and the Democrats, great pal. Soros Group Funded Opposition Research On Critics of Islam | The Daily Caller 
  17. S

    Founder of Judge Curiel's La Raza Group: Whites Go Back to Europe, CA to Be 'Hispanic

    "California is going to become a Hispanic state, and if anyone doesn’t like it, they should leave." Mainstream media along with "#NeverTrump" apologists are dismissing claims by GOP nominee Donald Trump that the judge presiding over his current civil case on Trump University -- Judge Gonzalo...
  18. skews13

    Conservative Group Lobby's Senate To Shut Down Nominations

    So if the Democrats win back the Senate this year, and their first order of business is to pack the courts with every single vacancy that's open, there won't be any issues right?
  19. movingforward

    Which group is scarier?

    Which group is scarier?
  20. LongWinded

    Christian Group's Survey Finds That Christians Have the Most Abortions in U.S.

    Christian Group's Survey Finds That Christians Have the Most Abortions in U.S. | Alternet Not surprised, right? In most instances, hypocrites accuse others of what they themselves are doing.