1. Sabcat

    To Grow Market Share, A Drugmaker Pitches Its Product To Judges
  2. Clara007

    Mamas, Don't Let your Babies Grow up to be....

    TEACHERS! Waylon Jenning used to sing “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys.” I’d make it teachers these days. In fact, if I were a college student in America today, I would never consider becoming a public school teacher. Those who do teach deserve everlasting respect as well...
  3. J

    DOJ may grow a spine and arrest sanctuary city elected political hacks.

    See: DOJ Considering Arresting Sanctuary City Politicians January, 2018 ”The Department of Justice is considering subjecting state and local officials to criminal charges if they implement or enforce so-called sanctuary policies that bar jurisdictions from cooperating with immigration...
  4. T

    Republicans Eye for 2020 as Trump's Shape of Doubts Grow

    WASHINGTON — Senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have already been to Iowa this year, Gov. John Kasich is eyeing a return visit to New Hampshire, and Mike Pence’s schedule is so full of political events that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term vice president hoping to clear...
  5. RNG

    Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be ...

    Football Players. This shouldn't be a total surprise but the extent of it is truly scary. That's quite a price to pay.
  6. R

    Money to burn: As the wealthy get wealthier, carbon emissions grow in US states

    Here's another unexpected problem with allowing increased wealth inequality and a fortunate few to become billionaires: they're a destructive force increasing global warming also! Across the U.S., state-level...
  7. Sabcat

    How to Build Your Own “Safe Space” and Never Grow as a Person

    read more How to Build Your Own "Safe Space" and Never Grow as a Person
  8. R

    Republicans: Grow the Fck Up.

    I don't expect liberal Democrats to do anything in this thread other than laugh in between tokes from the crack pipe. This is leveled at conservative Republicans. 1. For those of you who are upset that Donald Trump is the nominee, you need to take a Midol. That race is over. The people of our...
  9. skews13

    Trickledown Economics Must Die Long Live Grow Up Economics

    "Economics, as it has been practiced in the last three decades, has been positively harmful for most people."  ~  Economist Ha-Joon Chang For over thirty years we've treated something as fact which is actually false. Economists we trusted to know better didn't, and so people have suffered and...
  10. imaginethat

    El Niño continues to grow with widespread global impact, scientists say

    Looking like a doozy....
  11. B

    Wait Lists Grow as Many More Veterans Seek Care and Funding Falls Far Short When this problem came up earlier in Obama's presidency, he VOWED to correct the problem and do right by those who sacrificed for our country. I guess he lied...
  12. A

    Ferguson Protests Grow Larger: ‘We Don’t Give a F--- about Your Laws’

    he protests in Ferguson, Mo., on Friday night grew larger than previous days’ gatherings of protesters, despite the rain and cold weather. Police officers used a megaphone to ask protesters to leave the street outside the Ferguson Police Department or they would be arrested. In this video...
  13. intangible child

    Global Warming Concerns Grow

    While few Americans regard the environment as the nation’s foremost challenge, most say it should be a priority, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. And more than half say global warming is caused by human behavior, the highest level ever recorded by the national poll...
  14. RNG

    Eurowienies Grow a Backbone.

    Cole's Notes version. The frogs, a while ago banned full face veils (niqab, the story says) in public places. Some Muslims, suprise, surprise took them to court and up it went to the EU equivalent of the supreme court. The court told them to stuff it. I'm amazed. Good for them. BBC News -...
  15. skews13

    Call To Boycott Israel Grow On US Campuses

    Calls to boycott Israel grow on US campuses - Features - Al Jazeera English On December 4, the council of the American Studies Association (ASA) voted unanimously to endorse the call from Palestinian civil society for an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions (USACBI)...
  16. skews13

    Calls Grow For Investigations Into ALEC's Illicit Activities

    Calls Grow for State and Federal Investigations into ALEC's Illicit Activities It is little secret that Republicans and their libertarian backers detest the idea of paying taxes, and over the past forty years one of their champions has been the American Legislative Exchange Council...
  17. Medicine Man

    Memo (To GOP): GROW UP!

  18. skews13

    Protests Grow In North Carolina Against Hard Right Turn

    Protests Grow In NC Against Hard Right Turn | Crooks and Liars A century and a half after the Civil War ended, the GOP-dominated North Carolina legislature is finishing the destruction Gen. Sherman’s troops never got to visit upon Raleigh, NC. Over 150 people have been arrested at the...
  19. Jimmyb

    Obama loses mainstream media support as Benghazi, IRS, AP scandals grow Read more: h

    Obama loses mainstream media support as Benghazi, IRS, AP scandals grow
  20. intangible child

    Clean up the Earth! Let Farmers Grow the Economy!

    Why is the most useful plant on earth...TOP SECRET? Versativa provides the most complete nutrition in one source for the human body. Versativa is a viable even important crop to American farmers. Some studies estimate that the United States currently imports over 400 hundred million...