gun control

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    7 Dead and 22 Injured in Shootings in Midland, Tex

    2 Dead and Up to 20 Injured in Shootings in Midland, Tex., Officials Say Rifles, and probably white people involved. It made the headline news. Sad news. Glad it gets more attention than the 10 high school kids shot though. I mean gosh we have to have a pecking order right
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    The racism behind "gun control" laws

    This is essentially just "icing on the cake" as far as being one reason for why I'm totally opposed to any form of ban or restriction on the right to keep and bear arms: The racist origin of gun control laws | TheHill
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    NYC Sets Modern Day Record of Zero murders in 11 Days

    You would think, with all the strict Bloomberg gun control laws still in place, that it could never happen there. Article. What is so unique about New York City that it seems to defy of all the "more guns, less crime" train of thought?
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    Just to let people know about gun control.

    Honestly, Im sick of hearing people trying to create stricter gun rules. I mean, really you think banning guns will stop bad people from getting guns?! Law Abiding citizens will follow the rules of course, but a one who does not abide the law guns will still be open to him. Evil will find evil...
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    hahaha eat it you gun control lovers

    News from The Associated Press