1. Clicker II

    9 year old with a gun scares the bejeeezus out of Libs.

    9 year old Donald Trump III with a gun is terrifying!!!! Donald Trump Jr causes social media meltdown by posting his 9-year-old son Donnie holding a gun
  2. xMathFanx

    Marine Raider on "March for Our Lives" and Gun Control

    Marine Raider on "March for Our Lives" and Gun Control
  3. GluteusMaximus

    Ted Nugent is scared of guns.....

    Gun-Humping Nugent Won't Allow Guns at His Concerts my favorite snippet in the article: But if Nugent, who is on the board of the NRA, actually means what he says about the dangers of gun-free zones and how the solution to gun violence is more good guys with guns, those extra precautions...
  4. TNVolunteer73

    Good gal with a gun stops a crime in progress 1 of 2,500,000 annually Armed coworker (CCL licensed) stops vicious assault on woman at the workplace.
  5. guy39

    Good Woman with a gun

    Texas mom shoots man trying to take car with her kids inside at gas station: 'I hope that woke him up' | Fox News
  6. imaginethat

    Chinese make laser gun powerful enough to destroy a target from almost 1km away

    The ZKZM-500 is a weapon of the future. Nukes are crummy weapons. No matter how they would be used, they're just too "messy." More...
  7. RNG

    More gun stats

    Not political talk but I wanted to get away from our apparent Korean friend, assuming it's not a false flag operation. It's not that long but if you are interested read it, and if you are NRA either you won't or you won't believe it anyway. Along with Annapolis attack, here's how many...
  8. tristanrobin

    Kent State Gun Moll Respects the U.S. Flag for Trump's Birthday

    Remember Kaitlin Bennett. the AR toting gun moll from Kent State… Well she’s back promoting her own brand of Faux News stupidity, probably aiming for the seat next to Steve Doocy… Since she's probably one of the people who whine over NFL players “disrespecting the flag” here’s the...
  9. B

    Question about gun violence.

    What do the gun control people think the answer is?
  10. U

    Hand in pocket, on gun, it's easy

    to react to a signal, draw and hit, at arm's length ranges, in .70 second. .20 sec of that is your reaction time. So the draw and hit takes just .50 second. If you start FIRST, it's HIM that has to notice what's in your hand, react, and fire. If you side step as you draw, he'll need at least...
  11. U

    Make a mini- submachine gun in one day

    with a shop set up in the back of a mini-van, if allowed to buy the magazines and barrels, and ammo, or if can get them smuggled into the country. The next day, can make the folding buttstock, sights, safety and silencer. If guns are outlawed, that silenced smg will sell for at least...
  12. U

    When u r out of ammo, ur gun is a club

    when you're so exhausted that you dont detect an enemy (whom you would have noticed had you not been fatiqued) it's often fatal You can only carry just so much gear and still be able to run, drop prone (ie, being shot at or maybe "just" at risk of being spotted) jump up, repeat. Regardless of...
  13. guy39

    Why an assault weapons ban can’t address America’s gun problem
  14. Octoldit

    Nobody Does Mass Shootings Like Governments Armed With Gun Control

    Posted on March 23, 2018 by Scott Buss Every time there’s a mass shooting in America, advocates of centralized power in media, politics, and government use that event as an opportunity to do two things: 1. Continue to ignore the most massive of mass shootings and mass murders in human history...
  15. miketx

    Violence escalates in gun free England Other places too. Oh's gun crime increasing! Gun crime in London increases by 42% - BBC News How can...
  16. Lyzza

    Sorry, Rick Santorum: Single Moms Aren’t to Blame for Gun Violence

    Wonderful post about solo mothers in this country, by a woman who studies this issue. Not an opinion piece by morons. Dont be scared Sabcat, you can click the link, i promise <_< Well, i better add some paragraphs so Sabs might feel safe enough to participate..... Sorry, Rick...
  17. goober

    Teacher accidentally fires gun and injures student during safety lesson

    By accident, the kid will live, so no problem...
  18. Clara007

    NRA: Block New Florida Gun Law

    I think we all saw this coming. The National Rifle Association is suing the state of Florida after Gov. Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 7026 into law Friday, the first gun control legislation enacted in the state after the Parkland school massacre on February 14. "This bill punishes...
  19. RNG

    New Republican President's quote on gun control

    "I like taking the guns early ... Take the guns first, go through due process second." Hear him say it on NBC. Lets protect that constitution. (Well, at least the parts he agrees with or thinks it will get him lots of votes for saying he...
  20. RNG

    The good guy with a gun myth, again

    So the Republican President wants to arm teachers, does he. Well, not so smart IMO. If you read the link below, a guy entered a Texas church with a gun and was holding ~100 people hostage. I guess someone was able to call 911 but before the cops got there, some of the congregation jumped...