1. H

    Harvey Weinstein did nothing, ISIS shot down 500 in Vegas

    The Weinstein scandal while real is basically fake because everyone has sex with everyone in Hollywood. The scandal was created to take the news away from the Vegas concert shooting by ISIS.................... Next
  2. R

    What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world by Thomas Frank

    A couple of days ago, I noticed this repost of an article written by political analyst- Thomas Frank (What's The Matter With Kansas) on a phenomena he discerned from all the bafflegab about politicians and celebrity sexual harassment and assault scandals. According to Tom Frank, a lot of...
  3. Camelot

    The Right’s Harvey Weinstein Under Scrutiny

    The hypocrites on the right will have ripe conditions to continue to put their hypocrisy on display.
  4. Panther

    Where is Harvey?

    Have I missed the discussion on the latest Hollywood outrage?
  5. skews13

    Greedy Texas Churches Sue FEMA Over Hurricane Harvey

    In a complaint filed on Monday in federal court in Houston, the churches said they would like to apply for aid but it would be “futile” because FEMA’s public assistance program “categorically” excludes their claims, violating their constitutional right to freely exercise their religion." Now...
  6. pensacola niceman

    Anybody affected by Harvey?

    Here in Pensacola we will get several days of rain starting tomorrow. Can you believe Harvey is STILL a tropical storm with 40 mph winds? Houston is getting hammered with rain. Any forum members out there affected? Let's hear your stories.
  7. Franklin

    Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300's

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyQ2JnCdSk4 Americans...
  8. RNG

    A Paul Harvey Moment

    Headline is The land of milk and honey for the working man. The rest of the story - Love those socialist Utopias. BBC News - Venezuela to raise minimum wage by 30%, Maduro says
  9. Martin Timothy

    Lee Harvey Oswald Proved Innocent!

    Discovery JFK assassination - YouTube
  10. highway80west

    Harvey Milk Street dedicated in San Diego yesterday (05/22/2012)

    http://www.utsandieg...-dedication/#/0 The nation’s first Harvey Milk Street was unveiled in Hillcrest on Tuesday, May 22, 2012, on what would have been the slain San Francisco supervisor’s 82nd birthday. The two-block road leading up to the San Diego LGBT Community Center in...
  11. garysher

    More Homosexual Indoctrination - Harvey Milk Day Coming to Your School May 22nd

    After just dealing with "The Day of Silence", you may be upset to hear that yet another day is quickly approaching for pro-gay activists to use the public school system to force their lifestyles upon children. Contrary to The Day of Silence which is an optional day for schools to...
  12. Martin Timothy

    Photo's prove Lee Harvey Oswald innocent

    http://www.youtube.c...h?v=i5cCzDbtVnM YouTube - Discovery JFK assassination.. Lee Oswald is visible standing at the door of the TSBD at 27 seconds in this video. Green Marker - Dealey Plaza where the President was shot at 12:30 pm, Red Marker - Texas Theater where Lee Oswald was...