1. webguy4

    Democrats hate America

    32 percent of Democrats are proud of the USA, 74 percent of Republicans https://ijr.com/2018/07/1107606-dems-patriotism-at-all-time-low-navy-seal-drops-star-spangled-hammer/
  2. webguy4

    Leftists Hate Freedom

    Leftists attack the first ammendment https://youtu.be/CkKWHGTmqQg
  3. Marcus Livius

    Kim Cancels Annual NK ANTI-US HATE FEST

    Looks like most of the usual Trump-bashing MSM media avoided mentioning reporting this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/north-korea-anti-us-rally-cancel-donald-trump-kim-jong-un-a8415461.html
  4. tristanrobin

    Trump has been steadily stacking top posts with hate group leaders and anti-immigrant

    Trump has been steadily stacking top posts with hate group leaders and anti-immigrant activists Refugees aren’t the only group that Donald Trump’s nominee to head the State Department's office for refugees has targeted. In a blog post last year for the Center for Immigration Studies...
  5. Howey

    Homophobia and Hate Still Alive In Trump's Amerika

    Hate crimes should have a mandatory life sentence.
  6. RNG

    Why does God hate Seventh-Day Adventists?

    So these good christians were at church, worshipping as directed I assume. And the all powerful god hurled a lightening bolt at them and killed 16 outright and injured a further 140, some of which have since died. Were they really good and god wanted them now or were they really bad and...
  7. houseknight

    Holocaust denial is hate speech

    From 1945 on, the Holocaust statistics are based on the national demography statistics of all countries, once occupied by the Nazis. Simply, we take prewar statistics and subtract postwar statistics. From that, we subtract the numbers of refugees, who fled to the third countries. The result is...
  8. U

    A hate, race bait statement!

    Pelosi's controversial 'make America white again'. For a portion of our society it's a "catchy" statement.
  9. Sabcat

    PM Justin Trudeau Reacts to Hate Crime

    Hijab-cutting incident did not happen, Canadian police say - ABC News
  10. M

    BWAHAHAHA! OMG! The liberals are really gonna HATE this.

    CNN star gets a rude awakening. He never even saw this coming. He's probably hiding in the CNN safe space right now. LOLOL! Read on... CNN star Martin Savidge gathered a group of Democrats from Youngstown, Ohio to talk about President Donald Trump — but the mainstream media host didn’t get...
  11. webguy4

    What is hate speech?

    What is hate speech and what should be done about it?
  12. G

    Nancy Pelosi sure must hate herself.

    She constantly raves against those evil top "1% of the wealthy. She is in the top 1-tenth of that very same 1%. Pelosi is said to be the wealthiest member of the House.
  13. Marcus Livius

    New York Times Suspended from Twitter for Hate Speech

  14. Sabcat

    Why do American leftists hate American liberties so much?

    Seriously, why do leftists hate liberties? They want to abolish free speech and remove the peoples ability to protect themselves? When i was younger the religious right were the biggest threat, the prominent authoritarians. Wow, how times have changed. These collectivists are terrifying, but...
  15. handydude

    Why Do Negroes Hate Negroes.

    I saw an experiment that was done once. They had a room with a desk and two chairs on either side. On the desk were two dolls. A White doll and a negro doll. One at a time, they would bring a little negro girl in and sat her at the desk. The researcher would ask the little black girl which...
  16. tristanrobin

    THOUSANDS of Protestors Show Up to Drown Out Spencer's Hate

    Thousands Of Protestors Show Up In Florida To Drown Out Richard Spencer's Hate 4 minutes ago Gainesville, Florida Thousands of people turned up Thursday at the University of Florida to protest an afternoon speech by a prominent white supremacist, making their message clear: Richard...
  17. webguy4

    Free Speech vs Hate Speech

    Hate speech , micro aggressions, triggers, safe zones, etc. Never before in US history has there been such a systemic assault on free speech. Free Speech has no meaning if offensive speech is not protected.
  18. S

    SPLC is the hate group!

    SPLC names any organization that disagree with them a hate group trying to suppress free speech. The SPLC calls Christians a “hate group.” Now, Christians are fighting back. Aaron Colen Aug 24, 2017 10:30 pm The Southern Poverty Law Center has been trying to marginalize Christian...
  19. Sabcat

    Germany's new law can fine Facebook, Twitter up to $57-million for hate speech

  20. S

    Purely a hate crime

    Won't be called that but that is what it is and it is a result of blacks knowing they can spin it, call it racist and it won't get any attention, this is the legacy of Obama. ?Pure brutality?: Mom, teen daughter beaten up at their restaurant for mind-boggling reason ? TheBlaze