1. Endtherepublic

    Why some on the left hate my message

    Many on the left,and not just on this particular forum fail to come to grasps what it is they really advocate for. I have actually been insulted more from what seems to be left leaning minds than those on the right on this forum. So, why does a strict Communist like myself want to associate with...
  2. Q

    TED Nugent Speaks: STUNS Everyone…Obama Is Going To HATE This!

    TED Nugent Speaks: STUNS Everyone?Obama Is Going To HATE This! | EndingFed News Network Nugent is right
  3. GhostRider

    Right wing nutjob hate speech

    Alaska Firefighter Suspended After HORRIFIC Threat To Barack Obama (SCREENSHOTS) | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave Of course the right wingers will just say this was a misguided soul who mis spoke and we should pray for him.
  4. GhostRider

    Ted "shitty pants" Nugent vomits up more hate.

    NRA?s Ted Nugent Smears Philando Castile And Says Obama Wants To Start A Race War The draft dodging, pedofile hero of the right wing nut jobs, Ted "shitty pants" Nugent being the good brain dead righty he is, claims Obama wants to start a race war. Scroll to the comments section of the article...
  5. excalibur

    Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’

    As many others can plainly see. Because if they were not they would be in Chicago non-stop protesting the murders there of innocent blacks by other blacks. Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ?Radical Hate Group? » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! 
  6. Sabcat

    Yelling ‘I hate white women’ while punching one magically isn’t a hate crime

    Court: Yelling ?I Hate White Women? While Punching a White Woman Magically Isn?t a Hate Crime | The Daily Sheeple
  7. R

    REAL immigration laws that liberals will hate

    Ten Immigration Laws That Will Make Liberals FURIOUS | The Federalist Papers Imagine if Trump has suggested this!
  8. GhostRider

    Conservative fake Christians nothing but unwarranted hate.

    Racist Conservatives Wish Sasha Obama A Happy 15th Birthday: ?Hope U Get Raped? (SCREENSHOTS) | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave this is why conservatives are called racists, this is why conservative don't get respect, this is why conservatives are on their way to the sewer where they...
  9. Sabcat

    Man with hate crime for training his girlfriend’s pug to do a nazi salute as a joke

    This really happened. In what was supposed to be a joke aimed at his girlfriend, a 28-year-old Scottish man trained her pug to do a Nazi salute and has been charged with a hate crime for it after posting the resulting “offensive material” online (aka: improper use of electronic communications...
  10. P

    Black students expelled for 'faking race heart attacks'

    Black students expelled for 'faking race hate attack' Two New York college students expelled for 'faking race hate attack' | Daily Mail Online Two Albany college students who claimed to be victims of a racially motivated attack have been expelled and a third suspended for two years after...
  11. T

    Another Hate Crime Hoax by liberals against Whites

    What a shocker more liberals making shit up. A black female college student has admitted she was behind a series of racist death threats tweeted out to black students at Kean University. Prosecutors say 25-year-old Kayla McKelvey posted the threatening tweets late last year because she...
  12. skews13

    Spreading Hate Has Backfired On Rightwing Media

    If you've ever spent any time listening to this crap, but were never influenced by it, or found yourself nodding your head in agreement with any of it. Give yourself a round of applause. You have a brain.
  13. Franklin

    I hate Judaism

    Judaism is to Jews as Nazism is to Germans. Just as Nazism is a racist ideology for Germans, Judaism is a racist ideology for Jews. And just as one can be German without being a Nazi, one can be Jewish without being in Judaism. The main difference between Nazism and Judaism is that Nazism was...
  14. P

    Leftist Hate Through the Years

    Let's cut through the hype and propaganda and look at American history. THE LEFTIST ARE THE HATERS AND ASSASSINS. LET'S LOOK AT HISTORY, SHALL WE? | RedState
  15. Camelot

    Just When You Think The Right Can't Hate The S.C. More

    From the Oval Office to the Ivory Towers, you just can't keep a good black man down. :diablo::diablo::diablo::diablo::diablo: Clinton: Justice Obama 'a great idea' | TheHill 8P8P8P8P8P
  16. Sabcat

    Why I hate SJWs

    This poor teacher tries to explain to college students that their school isn't a safe zone and that dictating what someone dresses up as for Halloween is not in the facilities job description. https://youtu.be/Tgcb4A1TT1o
  17. P

    BLM is a hate group!

    Hate Crime Law & Legal Definition A hate crime is usually defined by state law as one that involves threats, harassment, or physical harm and is motivated by prejudice against someone's race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability...
  18. skews13

    I Hate Fundamentalism

    Let’s start with a definition, because the word gets thrown around quite a bit. Fundamentalism is an idea so extreme that its adherents will do anything to see it succeed. Anything. Fundamentalism is an idea that cancels out any competing concerns, any other values or commitments. To a...
  19. webguy4

    Hate Speech

    public schools have programmed little skulls full of mush all across the country with the ridiculous notion that they have a right , to not be offended. I say horse hockey. People should be free to say what they hate without fear. In the spirit of promoting free speech, I present some...