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    If you have heard one you have heard the other

    Bill Clinton thinks HE?S the victim? in the age of #MeToo -- Will he ever grow up? | Fox News Bill the victim, Hillary I'm not the reason....:lol:
  2. U

    ever heard of "fanning" a trigger? :-)

  3. G

    I knew it would happen...we heard

    the President talking with the group from Calif, about the MS-13 gangs and he called them animals. So...today Pelosi etc are on the mikes saying he called "immigrants" that. what a bunch of plain out liars they have become.
  4. tristanrobin

    REALLY? Anderson Cooper Filets Wingnut Rep Who Never Heard Trump Tell a Lie

    REALLY? Anderson Cooper Filets Wingnut Rep Who Never Heard Trump Tell a Lie There is a devoted congregation of Donald Trump cultists whose ability to discern fiction from reality is severely deficient. That's why so many of them are oblivious to the fact that Trump lies multiple times nearly...
  5. G

    If yuu have heard of the Bundy Bunch...

    the group that went to Burns, Oregon in protest of what the government agencies do and how they treat ranchers there is a book about the father. In "Cliven Bundy: American Terrorist PATRIOT", author Michael Stickler goes behind the razor wires of the Nevada Souther Detention Center to get...
  6. G

    Has anyone ever heard of any students,

    teachers, both combined or groups having or calling for a rally, protest, march to advocate for...drug free schools? Children get their ideas, starting very young...so why are the same people so active to work against guns, not concerned with even the ease of getting and using drugs that...
  7. G

    Have you heard this; the Judge that

    was at the trial where Flynn pled guilty...reclused...himself a month later. The present Judge has ordered all material indicating Flynn's innocence must be turned over to the Flynn defense team. Also, that first Judge was..a...member...of the FISA..that started the whole investigation. Why...
  8. G

    I heard about the unveiling of the

    Obama's portraits, for the National Gallery. I looked them up. first I thought I had the wrong connection on seeing the one of Michele. Then realized this was suppose to be her. I see ...nothing...there that I would recognize as the former first lady. Actually, after coming into the White...
  9. G

    We heard an interview with Carter Page

    tonight. He was very interesting, and answered every question poised to him. This man has been under investigation, with all his actions and information under close scrutiny for over a year...and...they have no indictment against him. Makes one wonder just how weak any of the information...
  10. Neil

    Joy Reid said no one has heard about MS-13 unless they watch Fox News

    Really? So not only do we have a problem with fake news by the media, we also have concealed news? WTF?!?! Joy Reid: 'Nobody That Doesn't Watch Fox News Has Ever Heard of' MS-13 - Breitbart :angry:
  11. G

    Heard one interesting report today

    that said it looked like the Dems had backed down on their statements that they would let the Government shut down, if DACA was not included in the Bill to keep it open. Now they are talking about a stand alone Bill to address the DACA...something the Reps have said they would do all...
  12. G

    Heard a few more details to the

    proposed tax changes...interesting. A few days past, we heard someone on CNN say the lowest paid people would be losing the most...since the 10% bracket would be eliminated ..What they...forgot...to mention is that all single people will have the first $12,000 of income be ...tax...free, and...
  13. G

    So..we heard ir reported that

    Russia had cut off the "hot line". The same line by which it was for warned about the attack on the Syrian airport. I assume that is some form of a "protest" but seems to not be too well thought out.
  14. U

    I heard some famous person say

    "what difference does it make at this point in time?"
  15. G

    Has anyone heard that Doug Schoen

    has withdrawn his long time support of Hillary? We are seeing that in other places and the net has several such headlines but no details nor quotes of what he may have said.
  16. G

    I just heard a Hillary supporter say

    pneumonia is not easy to diagnose...has syptims similar to allergies. I have had it more than once...one called walking, but it didn't take a doctor 5 minutes to tell me what was wrong. Viral pneumonia ican be contagious..if that is hers...why was she out in public? This woman claimed...
  17. G

    We just heard a replay of part of Hillary's

    Congressional hearing on Benghazi. The number of "help" calls, over several months, were itemized and added up to ...600. Hillary claimed she never heard of any of them. There were 80 in the last month alone and she agreed she had heard that number. The Under Sect, Kenned, is the one that...
  18. P

    Now I have heard it all!

    Hillary Clinton Says No One Is More of an ?Outsider? Presidential Candidate Than First Woman President | TheBlaze.com How stupid does she think people are, other than her own low information voters that is?
  19. Sabcat

    Has anyone heard about this crazy lady from Kentucky?

    I'm not sure but it's something to do about here being shitty at here job and some how it's gods fault.
  20. LongWinded

    How Psychedelics You've Never Heard of Could Help Treat Mental Illness

    How Psychedelics You've Never Heard of Could Help Treat Mental Illness | Alternet This is great news until the pharmaceutical companies screw it up for profit.