1. TNVolunteer73

    Trump GDP Growth estimated 10% higher than first thought.

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/artic...hree-year-high GDP was revised from 3% to 3.3% Remember when the Revisions to GDP Growth were made during the Obama Administration he always OVER PROMISED and Under Delivered Trump is Under promising and over delivering. Obama always...
  2. Camelot

    Don The Con To Regulate Higher Coal And Nuke Prices

    You just have to hate these hypocrites. The market, flooded with natural gas, has not been kind to coal and nuclear. What is the reaction from the party of "free marketers", "non-regulators", the party against picking winners and loser ? Why force the consumer to pay higher prices to...
  3. A

    Higher Education Should Be FREE!

    Just like it is in most other developed countries. But then, those countries don't have the same problem with useless negroes and mexicans that we have. Despite that, I think it could still be done. After all, a high school education is free. All that needs to be done is extend that to...
  4. Toefoot

    Congrats Ohio and Higher Learning

    Mr Linky: Cedarville University Embraces Ohio's Campus Carry Law, Arms Faculty Beginning August 1, full-time faculty and staff possessing concealed carry permits will be able to carry guns for defense of themselves and their students at Cedarville University. The school is located at...
  5. Sabcat

    How Higher Education has become a Racket

    https://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/05/charles-hugh-smith/higher-ed-became-rip-off/ We are allowing the state to make a generation of debt slaves before they can buy a beer or a handgun. Criminal.
  6. Toefoot

    Higher Education

    Home Politics By Andrew Stiles | 4:04 pm, December 14, 2016 Bathroom politics swept the nation in 2016, thanks to the North Carolina legislature and its controversial HB-2 bill, which mandated individuals use public restrooms that correspond to the genders on their birth certificates...
  7. excalibur

    Federal Agency Approves New, Higher Fence .....

    .... For the White House. Federal Agency Approves New, Higher Fence Surrounding White House - Washington Wire - WSJ 
  8. excalibur

    Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested

    Unsurprising. Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested - The Boston Globe 
  9. skews13

    McDonalds CEO Admits Obama Was Right About Higher Wages

    But I read a book by an alleged economist that this can't possibly be true.
  10. intangible child

    From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education

    The California student movement has a slogan that goes, “Behind every fee hike, a line of riot cops.” And no one embodies that connection more than the Ronald Reagan of the 1960s. Elected governor of California in 1966 after running a scorched-earth campaign against the University of California...
  11. LongWinded

    Higher Education: Capitalism At Its Most Despicable

    Higher Education: Capitalism At Its Most Despicable | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community OMG...we so need to swing hard left and get rid of these corporations destroying our nation as ever other fascist regime has destroyed nations in the past.
  12. LongWinded

    ATM Fees Have Never Been Higher

    ATM Fees Have Never Been Higher Deregulation begets greed, begets corruption and begets theft of others' money.
  13. B

    ObamaCare: Fewer doctors but higher premiums and deductibles

    ObamaCare: Fewer doctors but higher premiums and deductibles « Hot Air
  14. webguy4

    higher taxes

    white house press secretary says obama is very interested in raising taxes through executive action...... we have almost no pretense left of a republic or the rule of law.
  15. excalibur

    Fed Study: Shorter Jobless Benefits Lead To Higher Employment

    Fed study: Shorter jobless benefits lead to higher employment - St. Louis Business Journal 
  16. LongWinded

    States with Higher Minimum Wage Boast Faster Job Growth

    https://www.commondreams.org/headline/2014/07/19-1 If it's working, it must be tried. Those voting against the increase in minimum wage to a liveable wage are only hurting the economy and paying homage to the rich corporations demanding low wages like the Koch Brothers Georgia Pacific and...
  17. RNG

    Lower Taxes = Higher Revenue

    I don't think that is an absolute. Read this and weep. New report slams Kansas tax cuts - The Washington Post Kansas tried it and ...
  18. skews13

    Charity Is Not A Substitute For Justice The Poor Need Higher Salaries Not Food Drives

    Charity is not a substitute for justice - Opinion - Al Jazeera English On November 15, thousands of people in San Francisco worked together to make an ailing child's wish come true. Miles Scott, a five-year-old boy recovering from leukaemia, dreamed of becoming "Batkid". At the behest of...
  19. skews13

    Thanks To Scott Walker Wisconsin Will Pay Up To 99% Higher Rates

    Thanks to Scott Walker, Wisconsin Will Pay Up To 99% Higher Insurance Costs “Wisconsin health insurance exchange premiums for single coverage will be on average 79% to 99% higher than premiums in Minnesota, before tax credits are applied,” according to a new report. If you’re wondering...