1. noonereal

    Hope Hicks

    Pretty shocking to hear she was on Air Force One over the weekend. Obviously working on the cover up. It's really a shame to see Trump destroying a 29 year old to try to cover he and his families azz.
  2. tristanrobin

    I Quit - This is it - I quit. There's no hope left in me.

  3. Sabcat

    ABL breaks down the great blue hope

    Wondering about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist bartender who shorts cocktail servers on the tip pool? Here ya go https://youtu.be/g4uQcigNgVw
  4. RNG

    Hope Hicks resigns

    CNN just sent me an email saying Hope Hicks resigned. Were the lies in fact beige?
  5. U

    I sure hope Trump don't say,

    for the health of the usa we should do a 15 minute exercise each morning on the way to work!!!:lol:
  6. U

    I hope

    That the democrats will show some maturity during the state of the union address. Some the folks in their state voted republican and should be respected.:grin:
  7. J

    Last hope for the hateful right , blame it all in HIllary.

    This is funny , 6 right wing Committees TRying to find anything that Hillary did wrong during the election. All six found her not guilty of anything. Solution start another hate driven Congressional committee. ^ in a row everyone, What a clown act Now they think they can make scum bag a good...
  8. dusty

    i hope i am wrong

    a month ago it was 65 defrees at the south pole with cracking ice and the rescue of scientist .. even when the sea seems to be riseing due to the melting poles the sea has been riseing even still regardless of that .. how ever small and slowly .. even befor i learned this i did make a post...
  9. GhostRider

    Very good read, maybe there is hope.

    https://medium.com/@peteleyden/https-medium-com-peteleyden-why-trumps-inauguration-is-not-the-beginning-of-an-era-but-the-end-72a86833f0a3#.rdtqs0ubm I hope this guy is correct, what he writes makes sense.✊
  10. excalibur

    I Hope Some of you are Embarrassed Today

    Embarrassed you should be. Troubled woman with a history of drug use who claimed that she was assaulted by Donald Trump at a Jeffrey Epstein sex party at age 13 MADE IT ALL UP Katie Johnson who claimed that she was assaulted by Donald Trump FABRICATED her story | Daily Mail Online 
  11. GhostRider

    Let's hope this nightmare doesn't come true.

    NEW: Anti-Trump Song Hits iTunes And It's Hilarious (MUSIC) The nightmare of the Dingleberry Don
  12. tristanrobin

    Hope You'll Take the Time to Watch This Video

    I know, I know - Bill Maher is a liberal commie hate-filled jerk. But this bit is so completely and utterly true. He is spot on target with every word ... I know the right wing extremists and Trump apologists will hate it - but they can't argue with the accuracy of it...
  13. I

    The Youth- ONLY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF Britain

    The Youth- ONLY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF Britain . The role of youth in the rebuilding of Britain should be envisaged and elaborated in such a way that it becomes easy to address the grievances and suggest ways out of it, so that a new era of dawn can be started. People are deprived of their...
  14. coke

    Lets hope so! Go Rand Go!

    Rand Paul Likely to Announce Presidential Campaign on April 7 - Hit & Run : Reason.com
  15. imaginethat

    Ukraine Ceasefire Offers 'Glimmer of Hope,' Though Many Issues Remain Unresolved

    This is bogus. Listen to Putin's speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vGK63sbiks#t=151 He still talks of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic, and of "constitutional reform that should take into consideration the legitimate rights of people who live in Donbass."...
  16. roastpork

    Hope and Change?

    Yes, he's changed things all right! Poll: Race Relations Worse Under Obama
  17. C

    Hope for humanity in the U.S., at long last

    Virus hitting Midwest could be 'tip of iceberg,' CDC official says "(CNN) -- A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri and possibly throughout the Midwest and beyond, officials say. The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported now could be "just...
  18. A

    Very bad storm coming through PHX East Valley, hope you're good azchurchmouse

    The wind is picking up heavy, and I doubt I will have Internet for much longer...hope youre doing alright, azchurchmouse & anyone else residing in central AZ currently... I'll check in...already know I have a lot of prepping to do for this one!
  19. L

    Nearly Half of All Unemployed Have Given Up ALL HOPE

    Nearly Half of All Unemployed Have Given Up ALL HOPE here in the Obamaconomy, it has been change for the worse, there are fewer jobs in America than there was in 2007. Nearly half of unemployed not looking for work, poll finds - Los Angeles Times Some 47% of unemployed Americans say...