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    Michael Horowitz = Comey on a

    larger scale........He ( Michael Horowitz) threw Comey out with the dish water....big deal, Comey was already out, nothing gained and nothing lost. But it made Michael Horowitz look aggressive against "something". OH, his own system.. Michael Horowitz wasted time just like Mueller is...
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    David Horowitz prefers name calling over debate on dangers of Article V Convention

    . SEE: David Horowitz: Why Conservatives Need to Amend the Constitution Now Mr. Horowitz begins his article by writing: ”What do the John Birch Society, Eagle Forum, Common Cause and Planned Parenthood have in common? They all oppose the states’ use of Article V of our Constitution to...
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    Daniel Horowitz author at Conservative Review calls for a Convention of States

    . This evening [4/15/18] on Life, Liberty and Levin, Daniel Horowitz, an author at Conservative Review, asserted we need a “Convention of States”. Mr. Levin quickly chimed in, giving his approval. But don’t expect Mr. Horowitz, or Mr. Levin for that matter, to address the many unanswered...