1. RNG

    Donald Trump 'lacks character' for hotel liquor licence

    I love it:
  2. imaginethat

    President Trump Using Trump Hotel to Hold Trump Re-Election Fundraiser

    His first re-election campaign fundraiser.... The election is 3-1/2 years off, and DJT can't stop campaigning. Well, he must not have much to do, as president, so he's doing what he does best: Campaign. President Trump Using Trump Hotel to Hold Trump Re-Election Fundraiser President...
  3. excalibur

    Trump Hotel in Washington Does Not Violate Lease, U.S. Says

    Trump Hotel in Washington Does Not Violate Lease, U.S. Says 
  4. S

    In hotel rooms, one person, double bed, which bed sleep in?

    I might take a trip in about 2 weeks or so, and will stay in several hotel rooms. Many times the rooms will have 2 beds in it, and I am not picky about it, but even prefer the double room, because I can put my bag on it. Which bed do you sleep in? I always sleep in the room nearest the...
  5. shintao

    Hello from Hotel California

    I am replacement Liberal for the last one you killed. lol I am a Democrat Liberal, who also occasionally leans radically left to socialist ideals, and on a few select issues leans radically right. I am a humantarian who seeks fairness in issues. Sorry conservatives, you are never fair...
  6. excalibur

    Feds Snapping Up Hotel Rooms -- For Illegals

    All at your expense of course. What a way to run [into the ground] a country. Agencies buying hotel rooms for surge of Mexican illegal immigrants, others released | Fox News
  7. imaginethat

    The Hookers Are At The Hotel

  8. intangible child

    Florida Hotel Reservation Lines Go Silent as BP Spill Arrives

    June 5 (Bloomberg) -- More clumps of oil washed up on Florida’s Pensacola Beach overnight, and local officials said hotels and restaurants aren’t getting reservation phone calls as the BP Plc spill hits the state’s tourism industry. About 400 people are working to clean up tar balls that have...
  9. Martin Timothy

    Zionists nuke Egypt's Taba Hilton Hotel ..Beslan

    WHO CAN PREDICT WHEN THE US/ISRAEL WILL GO TO WAR WITH IRAN? - Page 2 By Vladimir Ras-Putin, aka Gog of Magog!!! aka Joe Vialls Anyone who has ever studied the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma, will notice very obvious similarities with the Taba Hilton Hotel in Egypt. A...
  10. intangible child

    Hotel Prank Caller Strikes Again

    "With Lisa clutching their three kids, Mark listened to the caller as he barked out more instructions: Break the mirror on the wall. Check. Use the lamp to bash in the wall to get to the trapped man on the other side. OK. Throw the mattress out the window and jump for safety. Out the mattress...
  11. Cubbie

    Guard Confirms Late-Night Hotel Encounter Between Ex-Sen. John Edwards, Tabloid

    A Beverly Hills hotel security guard told he intervened this week between a man he identified as former Sen. John Edwards and tabloid reporters who chased down the former presidential hopeful after what they're calling a rendezvous with his mistress and love child. The Beverly...
  12. foundit66

    Couple: Hotel Wouldn't Rent to Us Because We're Gay

    Sumter) - A gay couple looking to rent a hotel room say they were turned away because of their sexuality. "She wasn't discreet about it," said Jason Pickel, referring to a hotel employee. "She was not apologetic. She just said, 'We do not rent to gay people.'" For the past two and a half...