1. Nwolfe35


    Guns will be banned at a NRA convention where Mike Pence will be speaking “for his protection” Shouldn’t we arm all the convention attendees? After all the RWers want to arm the teachers to protect the students.
  2. tristanrobin

    "Cohen Won't Flip On Me!" ... huh?!

    I'm so sick of hearing about Trump tweeting that Cohen won't "flip on him." If he has done nothing wrong, why would he even consider being flipped upon? I don't care if MY lawyer gets subpoenaed - do you? I haven't done anything illegal - not even anything shady or embarrassing. HAVE YOU...
  3. roastpork


    I guess the Left is just stupid.:wacko: Everytown Calls for More Gun Control Following Charlottesville Car Attack - Breitbart
  4. roastpork


    I guess she ought to know, right?:huh: Hillary Clinton Slams Trump for 'Sexually Predatory' Behavior
  5. T

    Looks Bad for Republicans, huh???

    The only Democrat...had to wage the most expensive Senate campaign of all time to win...... New senators: The freshman class
  6. Medicine Man

    This Is A "War, On Whites", Huh?????

  7. TNVolunteer73

    Hama breaks ceasefire, SHOCKER huh.

    Israel resumes air strikes on Gaza after ceasefire breaks down as Hamas rocket attacks continued - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Yep, they want peace Rockets were launched from schoolyard. (they are wanting to use their children as bloody shirts again)