1. RNG

    The Human Condition

  2. F

    Human Baby Butchers Show Less Humanity Than Whales

    Planned Parenthood is probably looking into selling mammal baby parts. The newborn killer whale calf died shortly after birth, but days later, its mother was still holding on. USA TODAY An endangered orca whale died shortly after its birth on Tuesday, and the calf's mother has been...
  3. F

    Immigration Is Not A Human Right

    Whenever touchy-feely freakazoids say “human rights” you know they are double speaking the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Timothy Hsiao opens with human rights before he wipes out illegal immigration: Is there a human right to immigrate? Many defenders of open borders...
  4. A

    Becoming human

    Are we born humans or do we learn to be humans? If we learn to be human's what do we have to learn to be humans? Is our ability to learn unlimited or can we loose the ability to learn? Here is a story of science and referral children.
  5. D

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life,

    Practical Explanation ( For Example ) :- `1st of all can you tell me every single seconds detail from that time when you born ?? ( i need every seconds detail ?? that what- what you have thought and done on every single second ) can you tell me every single detail of your `1 cheapest Minute...
  6. Clicker II

    The tragedy of human trafficing

    This article is short on details as they many times are but it brings into the spotlight very important problems we face today. Child abuse. Human trafficing. Selling children. Drug trafficing and drug abuse. I'm confident that others can add to this list but they are a recurring theme. Having...
  7. L

    Why Did the US Ambassador to Germany Defend a Human Trafficker?

    Ambassador Richard Allen Grenell stands in front of a military honor guard during an accreditation ceremony for new ambassadors in Berlin, Germany on May 8, 2018. ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images It's no secret that the Trump administration, in office for almost 16 months now, has a devilish...
  8. xMathFanx

    Dogs are Naturally Morally Superior to Human Beings

    Dogs are Morally Superior to Human Beings
  9. webguy4

    What is the future of the human race?

    Suppose robots really do take over most or all of human labor? What will people do?
  10. Neil

    Keeping and bearing arms is a fundamental human right

    Any law or policy that places any ban or any kind of restriction on keeping and bearing arms violates fundamental human rights and it is an act of violence to ever enforce such laws or policies.
  11. Hashtag

    Crackdown on Underage Human Trafficking

    The year 2017 has seen the breaking up of any number of such rings, and of pedophile rings as well.
  12. Quigley

    Researchers Have Linked a Human Brain to the Internet for the First Time Ever

    Researchers from Wits University have linked a brain directly to the internet. Data gathered from this project could help fuel the next steps in machine learning and brain-computer interfaces
  13. skews13

    Dossier On One Of The Most Vile Pieces Of Human Excrement On The Planet

    The Phoenix New Times have been covering the heinous acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for two decades. Their coverage angered Joe Arpaio so much he even orchestrated the arrest of two reporters, an act that later cost Arizona taxpayers millions and was deemed unconstitutional by a judge. After...
  14. titan

    Human Rights Watch Preemptive Ban on Autonomous Weapons ? invitation to cheating?

    Human Rights Watch has prepared a Preemptive Ban on Autonomous Weapons. There are too many as yet unanswered questions. If a fully autonomous weapon (FAW) kills civilians / non-combatants, who is liable? More fundamentally: Can any State (including the U.S.) with a pretense of human...
  15. jetson

    Trump is only human.

    We have all had little indiscretions. We have all talked up our play.(with the opposite sex) at some time in our lives. Imagine if there was a recording of Monica, licking sucking and spiting on bills cock. What trump did and said is 3 % of what filthy Bill did. Monica was an intern, and Bill...
  16. imaginethat

    Taking time to be a human being

    A president taking time out to be a tourist. Lots of shit coming down, but finding some balance, taking time to be a human being is a vital part of being President. Bravo Obama!
  17. pensacola niceman

    The world's deadliest animal isn't a shark or even a human

    By Bill Gates | April 25, 2014 What would you say is the most dangerous animal on Earth? Sharks? Snakes? Humans? Of course the answer depends on how you define dangerous. Personally I’ve had a thing about sharks since the first time I saw Jaws. But if you’re judging by how many people...
  18. imaginethat

    Stone-age massacre offers earliest evidence of human warfare

    Probably a patriarchal event. More: Stone-age massacre offers earliest evidence of human warfare | Science | The Guardian
  19. LongWinded

    Even in Government*-Run Prisons, the Profiteering off of Human Lives Is Staggering

    Even in Government*-Run Prisons, the Profiteering off of Human Lives Is Staggering Ever since religion has grown in this nation, we have become devoid of morals and ethics. This is just wrong. No rehabilitation; just profit.
  20. imaginethat

    “Oil trumps human rights” - Saudi Arabia 'chosen to head key UN human rights panel'

    Just when I think things can't get any more strange.... Anger after Saudi Arabia 'chosen to head key UN human rights panel' | World | News | The Independent Hang on here.... Saudi Arabia is preparing to behead and crucify 21-year-old activist Ali Mohammed al-Nimr - Quartz The religion of...