1. houseknight

    Natalie Portman, Binyamin Netanyahu and hunting of the Jews

    NATALIE PORTMAN, BINYAMIN NETANYAHU AND THE HUNTING OF JEWS 1.Natalie Portman explained to the entire world her «skip» of the ceremony of handing her Israeli award Genesis. In fact, She gave as many as three explanations. Firstly, because of the Israeli representative criticized her...
  2. Sabcat

    Missouri candidate’s ‘ISIS Hunting Permits’ concern Muslim community

    Missouri candidate?s ?ISIS Hunting Permits? concern Muslim community |
  3. roastpork

    Hunting Hillary.

    The FBI is still on the scent.^_^ FBI Probe Focuses on Hillary's 'Materially False' Statements
  4. roastpork

    Hunting Hillary.

    They are on her scent, true evil may yet be stopped.:mellow: FBI Steps Up Inquiries in Clinton Email Probe
  5. roastpork

    Hunting time.

    Just got my Remington 700 in .270 back from a trigger job, almost time to go hunting.:ph34r:
  6. K

    canned hunting

    I put this in this forum even though it's legal now, it should be a crime and the people that do this punished for animal abuse/cruelty. Canned Hunting | White Lions CANNED HUNTING” is a legalized malpractice whereby rare and endangered animals – in particular lions – are removed from...
  7. Cubbie

    Does Palin support the aerial hunting of witches

    On July 13, 2008, at a conference held at a church in Everett, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, Mary Glazier told top leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation that at the age of twenty four, a young Wasilla, Alaska woman had joined Glazier's prayer group which was later to become the Alaska...
  8. The Bare Knuckled Pundit

    Putin's Georgian Hunting Holiday

    In light of Russian President Medvedev's order to halt combat operations and an apparent ceasefire agreement settling into place, the combat phase of Russia’s interventionist adventure in Georgia appears to be coming to an end. While the fog of war still lingers over Georgia, a few things are...
  9. CNN

    Cheney hunting for victory on election day has just posted the following: Vice President Dick Cheney will spend Election Day hunting in South Dakota, his press secretary said Sunday.</img> More...