1. excalibur

    121 Dead Thanks to Release of Illegals

    121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration - Washington Times 
  2. roastpork

    Illegals Run Wild

    Illegals released, thank you Mr. Obama!:mellow: Judicial Watch: Homeland Security Releases 165,900 Illegals
  3. excalibur

    How Much Benefits To Illegals?

    Robert Rector Estimates Lifetime Retirement Costs Of Illegals Granted Executive Amnesty At $1.3 Trillion 
  4. excalibur

    More Money For Illegals

    If Obama's illegal amnesty gets by, the Social Security Administration will be shoveling out billions. That is to go along with the EITC that they will be eligible for as well. Hey! The Treasury sure is flush with money, eh. With an assist from the stupid party. SS Benefits For Illegals 
  5. excalibur

    $$$$$$$ For Illegals

    Insanity Amnesty Beneficiaries Could Claim More Than $35K In Tax Benefits In First Year 
  6. excalibur

    Here Comes Illegals About To Vote

    Just what the Democrat / left has been angling for. With the usual meme of why this won't happen, while they facilitate it stealthily. Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegal immigrants to register, vote in elections - Washington Times 
  7. excalibur

    IRS: Illegals Elligible For Refunds

    Further erosion of national sanity. IRS to pay back-refunds to illegal immigrants who didn't pay taxes - Washington Times 
  8. Camelot

    Illegals Attacking Natives

    While they complain about illegals, these illegals attack the natives...NICE;
  9. roastpork

    Most Illegals now immune to arrest?

    What has Obama wrought? Terrorists and Mexican and South American gang bangers free to prey on real Americans.:mellow: Leaked Documents Show Most Illegals Now Immune to Arrest
  10. excalibur

    Oregon Says NO! To Driver's Licenses For Illegals

    This is in liberal Oregon and it lost 67%-33%. Immigration a losing issue for Democrats in 2014 midterm elections - Washington Times 
  11. excalibur

    Illegals On North Carolina Voting Rolls

    Shocking, not. And the proverbial tip-of-the-iceberg. Ineligible DACA Beneficiaries Discovered on NC Voting Rolls 
  12. excalibur

    Mexican Gov't Paying To Help Shield Illegals in America

    Mexican Gov't Paying to Help Shield Illegal Immigrants in the U.S. from Deportation 
  13. roastpork

    Illegals Vanish.

    Where have all those illegals gone?:huh: Most Illegals in Recent Surge Have Vanished
  14. roastpork

    Let's educate those Illegals.

    Illegals are expensive, but they deserve our tax money.:huh: Report: States Could Spend $761 million to educate Undocumented Children
  15. webguy4

    presidential pardon for illegals

    how would a presidential pardon for illegals work? yeah, he can remove their previous crime for being here illegally, but he can't make their future presence here legal, so unless they went home, they're still here illegally. you can't pardon a future crime.
  16. A

    77% want illegals sent home, 81% say it's a serious issue

    A huge majority of Americans, 81 percent, believe the new immigration crisis of unaccompanied children streaming over the U.S.-Mexico border is serious, and almost as many want them gone -- some even if it's not safe to return, according to a new poll. 77% want illegals sent home, 81% say...
  17. TNVolunteer73

    Leftwingnuts don't approve of Obama's plan for the illegals

    Wow! HUGE protest against illegal immigration in Massachusetts! » The Right Scoop - Looks like Lefties joining the TEA Party and Perry what to do with ILLEGAL immigration.
  18. excalibur

    TSA Changes Tune - No More Flying Illegals With Unverifiable ID

    Some sanity at least. Border Patrol Union: TSA Lying, Changed Policy After Breitbart Report 
  19. excalibur

    TSA Allowing Illegals To Fly Without Verifiable ID

    Some people are more equal than others. TSA Allowing Illegals To Fly Without Verifiable ID 
  20. excalibur

    Of the 292,000 illegals processed lately, ZERO deported

    America: Free Delivery Now Available 24/7 Insanity reaching new heights in the remains of the USA. Ain't America great. 