1. B

    Presidential Oval Office speech Jan 8, 2019

    President Trump will give his speech tonight at 9PM Eastern. Presumably about his declaration that we need the Wall or the entire USA will collapse and that's why he's shutdown the government. Media sources which will broadcast the speech are underfire to have fact checkers correct Trump's...
  2. J

    Should the President suspend habeas corpus and arrest those invading our borders?

    Under our Constitution [Article 1, Section 9] we find "The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it." We have seen how local public servants and judicial activists on our courts have ignored...
  3. F

    Immigration Is Not A Human Right

    Whenever touchy-feely freakazoids say “human rights” you know they are double speaking the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Timothy Hsiao opens with human rights before he wipes out illegal immigration: Is there a human right to immigrate? Many defenders of open borders...
  4. B

    The truth about Trump and immigration! So pipe down leftists!
  5. B

    Man Assaulted Secret Service Officer Outside White House After Immigration Rally: Fed

    White House on Saturday shortly after the major immigration rally in Lafayette Park, according to newly filed federal court records. The man, who is only identified as Carmona in court records, is accused of illegally parking his BMW along Pennsylvania Avenue, moving a bicycle rack-style...
  6. J

    Our Fifth Column’s move to shut down ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]

    As I write this, thousands are assembling in lower Manhattan, N.Y.C., and across the country, demanding ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be closed down. It should be noted that this nationwide protest is being funded by Socialist friendly, open border groups. Some of the backers are...
  7. fandango

    Being Played For Suckers On Immigration.

    This has been all over the news recently. We are all being played for suckers on the whole issue. How you ask? It is in that at the end of the day, whatever immigrants (invaders) are caught aren't just put into a van or bus, driven to the nearest border crossing and told to walk across. They...
  8. fandango

    The Current BS About Immigration.

    This may well belong in the immigration section. But it is something they have been talking a lot about on the news lately. So I figure that makes it current enough to be here. Now what I would like to say about it is that you are all being played for SUCKERS! That is why at the end of the...
  9. J

    President Trump must use fireside chats to win illegal immigration debate

    . We are now witnessing how our Fifth Column media is working in concert with Socialist political leaders to flood our country with the poverty stricken populations of other countries. Make no mistake, there is a very sinister desire behind this movement which is to create an...
  10. U

    speed immigration up.....faster..yet faster

    A Trump jump in the polls despite the media's gloom-and-doom portrayal | Fox News We need the illegal votes....... The locals are buying into Trump......:lol::lol::lol:
  11. U

    Americans want massive cuts to legal immigration

    Harvard Poll: 81 Percent of All Voters Support Reducing Immigration Levels
  12. xMathFanx

    Merit-Based Immigration

    Merit-Based Immigration (A) Sound Principle (B ) Unsound Principle (C) Other Thoughts?
  13. L

    Legal immigration

    I am very curious what legal immigrants have to say about this entire immigration/DACA debate. Many many people have jumped through hoops, waited their turn, paid their dues, submitted to health and backgrounds checks. They dial the phones and hear "press 2 for Spanish". What are they thinking...
  14. mayeve

    Immigration Agents Descend on 7-Eleven Stores

    Immigration Agents Descend on 7-Eleven Stores to Open Audits, Interview Workers The action appears to open a new front in President Donald Trump's sharp expansion of immigration enforcement, which has already brought a 40 percent increase in deportation arrests U.S. immigration agents...
  15. G

    DACA and immigration will come up in

    2018. How about some personal ideas on how DACA people should receive legal standing and any on immigration as a whole. I will start it with DACA. I think those who were brought here as...children...not above 18 years of age should get "legal" residence. There needs to be concrete rules...
  16. skews13

    Immigration Fixation

  17. F

    Do you think legal immigration is good or bad for the economy?

    What do you think and why?
  18. Clara007

    Trump's New Immigration Policy

    Trump's own family wouldn't get in. Donald Trump this week unveiled his new immigration plan that would prioritize skilled workers who could speak English. But if Congress had adopted such rules in the past then relatives of most of his cabinet - and ancestors of the President himself -...
  19. J

    President Trump carries through with America First immigration policy.

    . See Trump Backs Slashing Legal Immigration With ‘Merit-Based’ System ”The RAISE Act, which Cotton and Perdue introduced in February, would scrap the current lottery system to get into the U.S. and instead institute a points-based system for earning a green card. Factors that would be...
  20. roastpork

    Immigration needs fixing!

    WTF is wrong with Congress? Talking Points: I am angry Congress authorized and the Administration is issuing more H-2B foreign worker visas. Government is selling out American workers for cheap foreign labor. The unemployment rate for American workers with a high school degree or less is...