1. tristanrobin

    Most Important Article I've Read About the Current Political Climate in U.S.A.

    There is no question - this article absolutely tell the truth. We can all decide which side we're on - and whether or not it's where we want to be. But this is definitely how history has repeatedly played out - and the way it's playing out right now in America. Trial Runs for Facism Are in...
  2. RNG

    Important items on Trumps mind

    So, he's in NATO meetings. He is about to meet with and discuss Brexit and how perhaps trade and relations with the UK can be improved and then is on to a one on one with Putin. And what is at the top of his mind? Layer?
  3. tristanrobin

    Most Important Read of the Week

    I sort of knew this ... but reading it/pondering it/ deciding how I can benefit from the knowledge contained in it, makes this the most valuable piece of reading I will get my hands and eyes on this week - maybe this week. I wonder how many others were as unenlightened about this simple issue...
  4. RNG

    Important SC decisions coming by the end of June

    Quite the list of significant decisions will be rendered soon.
  5. G

    What are the most important issues

    facing the new Sect of State? During the hearing for his confirmation today, Dems asked such things as; how are you going to work on LGBT rights and how do you feel about religions such as Moslem, being in this country. My thought that and similar things what they think a Sect of...
  6. Neil

    One of humanity's most important inventions: the bag

    I have never seen any mention of the bag as being one of humanity's most important inventions. If you look at the impact it has on humanity, it probably beats the wheel and the discovery of how to make fire. It is the most obvious, everyday item we use all the time; it's right under our noses...
  7. Gordy

    Ideals are More Important than Identity

    This is something that I have realized over the past year or so. I have slowly but surely realized that identities and categories such as class, race, gender, etc. are completely meaningless (even if they are very real sociological constructs that affect people, this is not what I'm debating)...
  8. G

    The most important thing to Dem's in

    this year has been DACA. They did not support the tax Bill and wanted DACA a tax Bill, of all things. Then they threatened repeatedly they would not vote for the CR, to keep the Government open, unless DACA was included. They didn't care if our military got the things it...
  9. tristanrobin

    Most Important Video For This Forum

    it would seem to be elementary, but ....
  10. Gordy

    Very important quotes

    We all perpetuate the division when we refuse to empathize with each other. Let's show empathy, let's understand each other.
  11. Clara007

    Neil deGrasse Tyson's Most Important Words

    "Science is a fundamental part of the country that we are," he says in the video. "But in this, the 21st century, when it comes time to make decisions about science, it seems that people have lost the ability to judge what is true and what is not." That shift, he says, is a "recipe for the...
  12. eldorado67

    An Important Legal Ruling Against the IRS May Have Huge Implications

    An Important Legal Ruling Against the IRS May Have Huge Implications
  13. webguy4

    Subjectively, What is Most Important?

    So, what does a person need?
  14. C

    Judge Jeanine - Important Breaking News About Trump Victory!

    Judge Jeanine has received a special briefing from our dear leader, who has achieved a glorious victory!
  15. G

    Perhaps the most important area to

    watch carefully now, is around the Korea nations, with Sound Korea headed for new leadership. N Korea is rattling it's swords much more aggressively and China seems to be weighing in. Was it Bill Clinton that first allowed nuclear advancement to N Korea?
  16. J

    Donald Trump needs to ask Newt Gingrich four important questions

    It is becoming more apparent as each day passes that Newt Gingrich may become Donald Trump’s pick for vice president, or at the very least part of his administration should he win the election. There is no question that Newt Gingrich would bring to the table an incredibly thorough understanding...
  17. skews13

    The Single Most Important Thing Director Comey Told Congress Today

    On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey — a Republican who served as Deputy Attorney General under President George W. Bush — announced that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges for the way she handled emails as Secretary of State. This outcome was...
  18. fdtwain

    Important thoughts, market and economic advice

    US stock market bubble The US stock market is grossly overvalued. In particular, DJIA of 15988 is presently overvalued in relation to its intrinsic value of 8344. This signifies that the rise in stock market prices during the last four years lacks any basis in economic fundamentals or...
  19. LongWinded

    For Republicans killing unions is more important than improving education

    For Republicans killing unions is more important than improving education | Dale Hansen In understanding this further, the republicans have supported the TPP trade deal which is sure to drop wages for ALL Americans and reduce the amount of assistance, ESPECIALLY in disability, including...
  20. skews13

    Want To Know Why This Image Is So Important?

    Pope Francis closes scornful Catholic chapter with John Kerry handshake | MSNBC