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    indoctrination, education and culture

    There are two ways to have social order, culture or authority over the people. A democracy and liberty demand we use culture and avoid authority over the people. Failure to do this leads to social unrest, a higher crime and welfare rate, and a much higher cost in the form of paying for law...
  2. Sabcat

    Indoctrination: 35 Years of the US Department of Education
  3. LongWinded

    Christian Parents: Save Kids from ‘Indoctrination’ With ‘Exodus’ From Public Schools

    Christians Urge Parents to Save Their Kids from ?Indoctrination? With an ?Exodus? From Public Schools | Alternet OMG.....this is a ploy to make "private" (which are really religious) schools richer by stealing more secular tax dollars. Don't you love hypocrisy? IF this were really an issue...
  4. Z

    Education and indoctrination

    What do you guys think is the difference between education and indoctrination? Is it that education is with true information and indoctrination is false? Is it that the student is expected not to question indoctrination? Is it that education concerns only subjects where there is consensus, such...
  5. skews13

    Students Forced To Listen To Indoctrination Teachers Block Exits

    Mississippi School Forces Students To Listen To Christian Lecture, Teachers Block Exits | Addicting Info Religious freedom is being killed in Mississippi. It has been for a few years now. And Christian fundamentalism is the murderer. Mississippi is ground zero for religious...
  6. garysher

    CA: Tony Perkins Endorses the CLASS Act against homosexual indoctrination

    "The state has no right to step between a parent and their child" The Family Research Council (FRC), Washington D.C.'s leading voice for the family in our nation's halls of power, has endorsed the CLASS Act. Tony Perkins, FRC president, produced a video encouraging citizens to gather...
  7. garysher

    More Homosexual Indoctrination - Harvey Milk Day Coming to Your School May 22nd

    After just dealing with "The Day of Silence", you may be upset to hear that yet another day is quickly approaching for pro-gay activists to use the public school system to force their lifestyles upon children. Contrary to The Day of Silence which is an optional day for schools to...
  8. T

    Texas State Board of Indoctrination

    YouTube - The Texas Board of Indoctrination
  9. Zack

    Far left at it again child indoctrination

    NJ elementary school indoctrinates our youth...Shameful! NJ School children being indoctrinated into Obamunism through song and praise : Jackson NJ Regional Opinions News Reviews – Jackson Howell Freehold Lakewood Toms River