1. RNG

    China orders media to stop insulting Trump

    My guess is that there are possibly two reasons for Xi doing this. Both are probably operative. First, everyone knows that Dot Don reacts strongly, impulsively and unthinkingly against any real or perceived slight. Second, Xi is playing the long game. He knows that Dot Don will be gone...
  2. pensacola niceman

    Receive a sexual favor for insulting Islam

  3. alias

    Author Tried For Insulting Islam

    Italian author to be tried for defaming Islam By ASSOCIATED PRESS ROME Italian author and veteran journalist Oriana Fallaci goes on trial Monday, charged with defaming Islam in a 2004 book. Fallaci, who lives in New York, was not expected to attend the hearing in Bergamo...
  4. Nebraskaboy

    Tokyo Governor Sued for Insulting French

    ******TOKYO - A group of teachers and translators in Japan on Wednesday sued Tokyo's outspoken nationalist governor for allegedly calling French a "failed international language," a news report said. Twenty-one people filed the lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court, demanding that Tokyo Gov...