1. tristanrobin

    Interesting Email

    I just received this email message from a friend ... very interesting observation.
  2. U

    very interesting speech, if you have the nerve...
  3. Nwolfe35

    Watch: Trump said Kim’s letter was ‘interesting.’ Then he said: I haven’t opened it.

    while the fact that Trump is easily one of the worst presidents ever at least he’s providing us with some comic gems! President Donald Trump on Friday talked warmly to reporters...
  4. TNVolunteer73

    Interesting top 20 schools in the US are Charter schools All of the top 20 schools in the US are all Charter Schools another interesting fact 17 of the 20 are in RED states.
  5. G

    Interesting to see what is happening,

    since DOJ sued Calif over it's sanctuary status. Orange County officials voted to join in objecting to the status. Also, West Palm Beach had declared it's law etc is to fully work with the Federal Government, including ICE.
  6. G

    Quite a long and interesting article

    on what the school policy was at the school Cruz attacked at; realclearinvestigations...pipeline.html Anyone interested may like to read it. I think opinions of programs like this need public discussion. Ideas often sound good ...but...perhaps more are tried because they make people "feel...
  7. G

    Heard one interesting report today

    that said it looked like the Dems had backed down on their statements that they would let the Government shut down, if DACA was not included in the Bill to keep it open. Now they are talking about a stand alone Bill to address the DACA...something the Reps have said they would do all...
  8. TNVolunteer73

    Interesting perspective from Hillary supporters.
  9. RNG

    Interesting view of Trump-Hillary

    This is from Mike Allen's Axios AM newsletter.
  10. S

    Hmm, no media bias against Trump, right?

    Study: 91 Percent of Trump News Coverage Over Summer Was Negative | Fox News Insider
  11. S

    Very interesting, maybe some Justice!

    Hope it's true so that she and her idiotic daughter can never again run for anything. Although I think it should result in prison! Report: Hillary Clinton email investigation reopened ? Clinton purportedly offered plea deal ? TheBlaze A Tuesday report published on conservative website...
  12. GhostRider

    Interesting study on Prairie Dog chatter Contrary to the belief of hunters, animals are more than instinct motivated.
  13. U

    Interesting "context"
  14. U


    On Fox news a while ago there was a lady, one of trumps appointees, exiting her automobile when one of these thug protesters came up close to her, intimidating her and she had just a couple escorts. I wonder was he getting paid? I wonder if he is a citizen? Another thing that is...
  15. U

    Interesting times, we are in

    DNC Chair Candidate: My Job Is To Tell White People When To Shut Their Mouths | Video | RealClearPolitics Why is she talking? If this thought process works, who will the democratic party be, really? I think I'm too old to see the end results of this if it follows through but the...
  16. Sabcat

    Bill Burr gives an interesting perspective on the election.

    Boston comedian Bill Burr gives an interesting perspective on why Trump won the election.
  17. G

    It is interesting to watch the media,

    even CNN trying to self analyze how they got this election so wrong. One comment on CNN was they had taken one little point and run with it, while ignoring the entire content. On Fox tonight they were talking about how the public had lost so much trust in what the media said/reported. One...
  18. Toefoot

    Interesting Twist with with liberal preppers and "The gun club".

    Prepping is now in vogue. Came across this article and thought is was worth sharing. Regardless of a individuals political ideology if you choose to not at least put in the minimum effort to protect yourself and family for any emergency short or long term, you deserve what outcome follows...
  19. Daws77

    Interesting. .

    , the most common word used by the Republican candidate was the word “I.” His fourth favorite word was “Trump.” The Professor also noted that the majority of Trump’s words were only one syllable in length, which may be why is language often sounds choppy and awkward. The few two and three...
  20. G


    We looked at Hillary's published schedule and between now and the next debate, 9/9, she has only 2 events scheduled; a voter registration event on Monday in Ohio and on the 5th another fund raiser.