1. B

    Hmm.... Why did NBC cut this from POOOOTIN interview?

    The lamestream is so transparent in their motives Pretty bad when the Russians call you out lefties, he could have just said why is you r leftist media acting like ours and spreading misinformation
  2. imaginethat

    Did anyone watch Wallace's interview with Trump?

    My respect for Wallace, already high, clicked up a few more notches. If you can't find the time to watch it all, start at 4:38. Click here: Wallace, began there asking about election meddling. He had Putin squirming, taking a tough guy approach, laughing at...
  3. Sabcat

    Interview With Hacker Who Swatted David Hogg

    An interview w/ the hacker who claims to have swatted David Hogg.
  4. tristanrobin

    The 14 most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lines from Donald Trump's 'Fox & Friends' interview

    The 14 most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lines from Donald Trump's 'Fox & Friends' interview Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large Updated 2:37 PM ET, Thu May 24, 2018 President Donald Trump sat down with "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade in Long Island on Wednesday afternoon, an interview the...
  5. RNG

    Axios interview of Comey

    Former FBI Director James Comey sat down with Axios' Mike Allen Monday to discuss the the juiciest parts of his new book, "A Higher Loyalty," and his time working under the Trump administration. The big quote: Comey denied Trump's repeated claims that he's a leaker. "I never leaked in...
  6. Camelot

    Comey Interview - Tonight 10 p.m. ABC

    A must see interview imo. It was Comey that was the first to see the corruption of Don the Con in practice.
  7. Sabcat

    Kyle Kashuv interview

    Steven crowder interviews Kyle one of the kids from Florida. He talks about actual progress that he and other people related to this tragedy have made regarding future school safety. Good interview.
  8. Sabcat

    The interview that got Brittany Pettibone banned from the UK

    This is a good interview especially for people who are unfamiliar with Tommy Robinson
  9. Sabcat

    Lauren Southern interview after UK incident

    Here is the first interview with southern after the UK detained her for terrorism.
  10. Sabcat

    Interview with Ray Vahey of Bitchute

    Its about a half hour so...a bit much for some but.. If anyone is interested in the future of the internet and where the people outside of alphabet and facebook are trying to go. Bitchute is a really cool idea and could be a game changer
  11. G

    We heard an interview with Carter Page

    tonight. He was very interesting, and answered every question poised to him. This man has been under investigation, with all his actions and information under close scrutiny for over a year...and...they have no indictment against him. Makes one wonder just how weak any of the information...
  12. U

    Donald Trump Should Refuse a Mueller Interview

    Spot on. Read it all:
  13. xMathFanx

    Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman Interview

    Video link here: Thoughts on the recent interview between Psychologist Jordan Peterson & Journalist Cathy Newman?
  14. RNG

    The Republican President's impromptu interview

    This was reported in this mornings Axios AM newsletter. I have used up my NYT free visits for the month so haven't been able to check if it has been published. But the direct quotes are there. The guy is just so incredibly conceited. I hope this is the link...
  15. Sabcat

    1980 Trump Interview

    Check out this interview from 37 years ago of Trump. Man, he is a bumbling fool...
  16. tristanrobin

    Trump’s interview reveals a lawless president

    President Trump’s extended, rambling new interview with the New York Times provides perhaps the clearest picture yet of his conviction that he is above the law — a conviction, crucially, that appears to be deeply felt on an instinctual level — and of his total lack of any clear conception of the...
  17. RNG

    Trump interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network

    So Donnie gets gutsy and steps out of the Fox bubble to take on the world. So who does he choose? Why, Pat Robertson of course. Some excerpts. "[I]f Hillary had won, our military would be decimated. Our energy would be much more expensive. That's what Putin doesn't like about me. And...
  18. imaginethat

    Putin interview: Did Russia interfere in the election, collect info on Trump?

    It's worth your while to watch Kelly interview Putin, who shows all the cues of a liar, which he is ... and a murderer of his political opponents. Interestingly, many of the excuses he offered for himself and Russia are similar to the excuses given for Trump's actions by his supporters...
  19. K

    Trump's 60 minutes interview

    Trump said he is refusing the president's salary but will have to take the mandatory $1. i betcha hillary wouldn't have done that!:grin:
  20. GhostRider

    An interview with the REAL Trump Trump when he is not lying....a very rare moment.