1. A

    Dangerous alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel

    The US has the most weapons. China has the second most weapons. The little country of Saudi Arabia comes in third as the nation with the most weapons! When Saudi Arabia's oil is exhausted, it will not passively sink back into poverty, but it will use those weapons for economic reasons...
  2. roastpork

    Iran attacks Israel!

    Does this video show that Iran is to be trusted?:ph34r: Iranian Video Depicts Muslim Attack on Jerusalem Two weeks after the Iran nuclear deal was announced, a video was released under the auspices of the Iranian regime which depicts an attack on Jerusalem by the Revolutionary Guard Corps...
  3. roastpork

    Isreal defends U.S.A.

    Well what do you know, Hillary would probably have said "I accept full responsibility.":lol: Israel Says It Foiled al-Qaida Plot on US Embassy
  4. C


    Why is Isreal so special?