1. RNG

    Important items on Trumps mind

    So, he's in NATO meetings. He is about to meet with and discuss Brexit and how perhaps trade and relations with the UK can be improved and then is on to a one on one with Putin. And what is at the top of his mind? Layer?
  2. U

    What 3 items for Naked and Afraid?

    I'd want my partner to bring as big of a lw, reflectorized tarp as the producers will allow, while I brought a 2-person hammock made out of 9 strand 750 paracord. Depending upon the climate, and terrain, I might want the machete, or I might want the ferrorod. Most places, given the cordage from...
  3. U

    Items you would pick for the Alone show?

    here's the list of stuff that doesn't count vs your 10 items, the prohibited items and the stuff that you can pick your 10 items from Wood Trekker: History Channel?s ALONE, The Most Realistic Survival Show? Or Is It? I'd take a paracord 2 person hammock, or if that were not allowed...
  4. CNN

    McKeon wants defense budget free of 'social agenda' items

    The top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee says he wants a bigger defense budget that's not "weighed down" by social agenda items, an apparent swipe at the president's efforts to end the ban on openly gay troops serving in the military and a warning to Democratic senators who might...