1. Sabcat

    Singer Who Wore Trump Dress To Grammys Is Now No. 1 On iTunes
  2. Sabcat

    How Blockchain Could Disrupt Uber, Airbnb, and iTunes

    During the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland, ‘Blockchain Revolution’ author, Don Tapscott, suggested that the Bitcoin technology could disrupt worldwide services like Uber and Airbnb. In his words: “Why do you need a 60 million dollar corporation called Uber...
  3. roastpork

    Religious themed thriler a hit on iTunes!

    This just in from Fred Thompson Religious Thriller Creates a Stir on iTunes Former U.S. senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson has a leading role in the upcoming movie "Persecuted," which explores timely issues, including religious freedom and...
  4. intangible child

    Announcing CCHR Int's Watchdog Radio on iTunes!

    The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International has launched Watchdog Radio on iTunes. Watchdog Radio is a weekly radio show hosted by JC McKinley, who interviews leading experts on the fraud of psychiatry and psychiatric treatments, leaving no stone unturned. These shows range in...