1. Ploughboy

    Are Atheists Racists Against Jews?

    Have you ever noticed that atheists have no interest in writing books and columns about other religions except for that one race of people who wrote the Books of the Bible? Example: Atheists will have us believe that the Bible was never written or preserved and they all apply Wellhausen theory...
  2. houseknight

    The Stolen Land and the Stolen Life

    My uncle fled Palestine (together with his family) in 1938 from pogroms arranged by the Palestinians during the Intifada, which began in 1936. Three years later, in July 1941, he was killed (along with his wife and children, along with three brothers, a sister and their mother, my grandmother)...
  3. houseknight

    Iran&Palestinians: the Tenth attempt to destroy Israel

    Over the past hundred years, the Palestinians have tried to destroy the Jews, with their own force or with someone else’s hands, nine times: 1.At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palestinians hoped to destroy the Palestinian Jews by the hands of the Turks. It is believed that only the...
  4. Sabcat

    German Jews Warned Not To Wear Yarmulkes After Anti-Semitic Attack From Muslim
  5. houseknight

    Natalie Portman, Binyamin Netanyahu and hunting of the Jews

    NATALIE PORTMAN, BINYAMIN NETANYAHU AND THE HUNTING OF JEWS 1.Natalie Portman explained to the entire world her «skip» of the ceremony of handing her Israeli award Genesis. In fact, She gave as many as three explanations. Firstly, because of the Israeli representative criticized her...
  6. houseknight

    Britain and the shelter for Jews

    BRITAIN AND THE SHELTER FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE The need of the shelter for the Jewish people was obvious for at least 2.000 years. But let alone old stories, numerous expulsions, legal discrimination, blood and plague libels, habitual murder and robbery of the Jews. Let’s focus on the last 150...
  7. houseknight

    Innocent Maiden Tamimi

    AHED TAMIMI 1.No, I will not resent once again why this not-too-honest girl is building her career due to fabricating anti-Semitic lies. And that her dirty work makes a big contribution to the income of her family. «Fried» anti-Semitic...
  8. houseknight

    Saudis and jews are brethren

    Muhammad slams Bedouins in his Qur’an a little bit less, than He slams the Jews. Reading the Qur’an, Bedouins feel solidarity with the Jews. Anyway, Jews and Arabia people are brethren. According to the Qur’an, Abraham with his son Ismail settled at Mecca. Finally, these Arabia Jews, who...
  9. Gordy

    Israel admits forcibly injecting Ethiopian Jews with Depo-Provera (Old article) The most democratic state in the Middle East practiced eugenics on its fellow Jews for years. Thoughts?
  10. houseknight

    Jews do have right to the holy land

    JEWS DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHT TO THE HOLY LAND The Holy Land was Land of Israel, then Palestine, then Israel one more time. Jews never gone from this country, despite of slaughter, persecutions and settling of Muslims and Christians. Crusaders, Mamluks and Turks made efforts to wipe the Jews out of...
  11. houseknight

    Palestinian right of return

    Joan Peters rightly recalls, that up to 1964 there was no Palestinian people. Palestinians called themselves simply Arabs, or stated, that they are Syrians. Some part decided, that they belong to Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Some part (more precisely, the majority) believes today that they are...
  12. P

    America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars

    America?s Jews Are Driving America?s Wars - The Unz Review America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars I spoke recently at a conference on America’s war party where afterwards an elderly gentleman came up to me and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone ever speak honestly about the six-hundred-pound...
  13. Octoldit

    Jews Caused The Civil War

    In this 12-part essay from Willie Martin of Jew Watch is the entire history of how, when and why the Civil War was perpetrated upon the united states. There is more history on this page than was ever known or taught in American schools. And I have no doubt that it is the absolute truth based on...
  14. skews13

    Jews Give Local Muslims Keys Their Synagogue After Town Mosque Burns Down

    This is what solidarity looks like. While some Texans are going out of their way to target and scare Muslims, there are others who serve as a reminder that, yes, there are people in America who do have a soul. Over the weekend, the only mosque in Victoria, Texas burned down. The cause of...
  15. G

    The Real Holocaust

    I've had an interest in this topic for a while, so I was glad when I came across some resources on Jewish genocide against Gentiles. While it is politically incorrect to discuss this, there is a surprising amount of historical evidence for Jewish involvement in many genocides; this, however, is...
  16. freemind

    How Jews Commit Warfare

    Throughout history, the Jews were defeated by various empires. Those who can't win through conventional warfare often resort to unconventional warfare. To me, the whole "Jesus" thing was just a form of assymetrical warfare. It may not have always worked out well in the past. But it is...
  17. intangible child

    Nixon, Truman, and FDR’s Private Thoughts About Jews – The latest tapes of President Richard M. Nixon’s private conversations reveal a number of anti-Semitic remarks made by the president. This is not particularly surprising, since previously released tapes also contained hostile comments about Jews by Nixon. But one remark in the latest...
  18. Lyzza

    Ben Carson says Jews may have stopped Holocaust if they had guns

    Here's an interesting read for those here who like to keep using Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust as an example of why we need guns. Ben Carson says guns may have stopped Holocaust - BBC News I know reading can be hard for some, so I snipped out an interesting passage from the article for...
  19. LongWinded

    Netanyahu Tactics Anger Many U.S. Jews, Deepening a Divide Boehner's backing the wrong leader. What a great "political" call, Johnny.
  20. skews13

    Netanyahu To American Jews: Get Lost

    Netanyahu to American Jews: Get Lost | Mother Jones It was not so shocking that House Speaker John Boehner would seek to undermine President Barack Obama and his attempt to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to deliver an address to...