1. RNG

    Kim Jong Un offers to host peace talks between the US and Canada

    SINGAPORE (The Borowitz Report)—One day before his summit with Donald J. Trump, the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, has offered to host peace talks between the United States and Canada. Speaking to reporters at his hotel in Singapore, Kim said that the rising tensions between the North...
  2. imaginethat

    Syrian President to meet Kim Jong Un in North Korea, report says

    Well.... Ol' Kimmy is moving up in the world of murderous dictators. Next thing ya know, he'll be meeting with Putin. Oh, wait, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has done just that. Lots more:
  3. U

    Kim Jong Un

    uses world news to fire up his people. If the world would ignore him he would fall in a couple of years....... If he fires a rocket that means harm the US government and others would know it......... As usual the American people are being taught to fear........ This has been going on...
  4. Quigley

    New South Korean Hit Squad Is Operational And Ready To Take Out Kim Jong Un

    Should war break out on the peninsula, an elite South Korean special operations force may be dispatched to take out Kim Jong Un, according to South Korean media. South Korea’s Special Warfare Command established a “decapitation unit” Friday to eliminate the North Korean leadership, should a...
  5. K

    Trump's 'fire and fury' rhetoric met with defiance by Kim Jong Un

    Trump's 'fire and fury' rhetoric met with defiance by Kim Jong Un By Stephen Collinson, CNN Mon September 4, 2017 With his previous threat to rain "fire and fury" on North Korea and warning that the US military is "locked and loaded" to respond to Kim Jong Un's provocations, Trump...
  6. RNG

    Has North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Been Toppled?

    Several days ago BBC reported that after being seen limping at several events, Kim has not been seen for about a month. There was speculation of the potential seriousness of the apparent illness. Then three stories from Vice and The Daily Beast. Interesting. Vice Source Here Rumors: Possible...
  7. pensacola niceman

    NKorea: Not a single vote cast against Kim Jong Un

    Kim Ooon is so dearly loved! PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — With no one else on the ballot, state media reported Monday that supreme leader Kim Jong Un was not only elected to the highest legislative body in North Korea, he won with the unanimous approval of his district, which had 100 percent...
  8. pensacola niceman

    Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs

    Forget the hangman’s noose, the firing squad or lethal injection: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un executed his uncle and a handful of the man’s aides by feeding them to a horde of 120 starving dogs, according to a shocking (but unconfirmed) account. Warning: Even in their unconfirmed state...
  9. J

    Kim Jong Un is full of himself

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un has been in power for about a year now. He was educated in Europe during his younger years, so we thought we would be very open to new ideas and reforming North Korea, but over the past year Kim Jong Un has been nothing but a trouble maker in the eyes of the...
  10. I

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un Officially Visits Dmz

    North Korean Young Leader Kim Jong un officially visited the heavily armed border with rival South Korea, Panmunjon village in the DMZ. During his visit, Kim Jong un ordered troops to "maintain the maximum alertness as they are standing in confrontation with the enemies at all times."...
  11. J

    Kim Jong Un The Next King Of North Korea Mimics Putin

    Kim jong un the next leader of North Korea has promoted himself by making his advertising films but he in his films is highly similar to Russia's Putin so some chinese are mocking him now and making his parody. As you know, Dead Kim jong il also made his advertising films to show how great...
  12. J

    Kim Jong Il Reincarnated As A Sim The futile death of the 37-year-strong dictator, Kim Jong-Il Kim Jong-Il, who died a sudden death in a train, had his 70 years of life full of lies from the very beginning. He never served in military; however, he was called "the Great...
  13. RidinHighSpeeds

    Kim Jong Il Dies At 69 Do you think his son Kim Jong Un is ready to lead?
  14. Cubbie

    Japanese Expert: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Died in 2003

    Is Kim Jong Il for real? The question has baffled foreign intelligence agencies for years, but a veteran Japanese expert on North Korea says the “dear leader” is actually dead — and his role is played by a double. The expert says Kim died of diabetes in 2003 and world leaders, including...