1. B

    Schumer and Democrats keeping families apart!

    Shame on Democrats Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Google+ Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) on Tuesday dismissed a legislative proposal backed by Republican...
  2. U

    FBI Texts about not keeping Texts

    Trey Gowdy on Strzok-Page FBI Texts: “Today We Saw a Text About Not Keeping Texts” (VIDEO)
  3. Neil

    Keeping and bearing arms is a fundamental human right

    Any law or policy that places any ban or any kind of restriction on keeping and bearing arms violates fundamental human rights and it is an act of violence to ever enforce such laws or policies.
  4. Grizz1

    ISIS Militants Rape Sex Slaves, Fail To Realize The Women Had Been Keeping a Secret

    After allegedly having unprotected sex with two Moroccan "sex slaves," at least 16 fighters for the Islamic State contracted HIV, reports the Daily Mail. When the fighters had sex with the women, they did not know they had HIV. Once the men discovered the information, the Moroccan women...
  5. LongWinded

    How John Kasich Rewrote Welfare Laws and Is Keeping Food Off Family Dinner Tables

    How John Kasich Rewrote Welfare Laws and Is Keeping Food Off Family Dinner Tables | Mother Jones There's that right wing undeniable racism.
  6. LongWinded

    The Gun Lobby And A Dumb Law Are Keeping Us From Safer Guns

    The Gun Lobby And A Dumb Law Are Keeping Us From Safer Guns This makes no sense whatsoever.
  7. skews13

    Bloomberg Poll: Voters Still Think Obamacare Is Worth Keeping

    Bloomberg poll: Voters still think Obamacare is worth keeping Recent developments in Virginia aside, there's still not a whole lot of clamoring out there for Obamacare repeal, except maybe among the people who voted for David Brat and those applauding his victory. Greg Sargent sums up the...
  8. TNVolunteer73

    It appears the DA that is keeping TX woman alive has ties to Wendy Davis

    We have seen where MS Davis is sick enough to turn her "secret weapons loose to attack man for being in a wheel chair. Would she be sick enough to have a Democrat DA to keep woman alive so she can trumpet her Pro-Abortion platform It appears the DA Joe Shannon Jr the DA that is using the...
  9. Jimmyb

    Obama Lied to Us About Keeping Our Existing Plans Because We Wanted Him To

    First Obama did not lie 34 separate times about keeping existing plans and doctors, now Obama was only fulfilling American's desire to be lied to 34 separate times. Have the apologists hit bottom yet? Link
  10. excalibur

    Vast Majority Not Keeping Their Health Care Plan

    10/30/2013 @ 6:38AM No, David Axelrod, The 'Vast Majority of People In This Country' Are Not Keeping Their Plan Chris Conover Former senior advisor to President Obama, David Axelrod said earlier this week that “the vast majority of people in this country are keeping their plan.” I suppose...
  11. Uncle Han

    Keeping the Poor Poor (Until They're Not)

    Keeping the Poor Poor (Until They're Not) By Paul Ciarcia Government data indicate that the U.S. remains far from winning the longest war in its history: the war on poverty. The latest line of argument from defenders of the welfare system is that we are measuring poverty inaccurately...
  12. mytmouse57

    Welfare, is it keeping the poor, poor?

    Sound's like a heck of a life. I've been down to my last $10 or so a time or two, but never went all the way down to homelessness. I've also done stints of factory work. Yeck!
  13. NPR

    House OKs Keeping Government Open 3 More Weeks; Unhappiness Reigns

    The spending bill contained $6 billion in cuts, including earmarks and unused census money. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source Click here to view the full article
  14. MSNBC

    McConnell keeping his seat for State of Union

    Don't look for the Senate's Republican leader to take a different seat during Tuesday night's State of the Union address. Source - Click here to view the full article
  15. hevusa

    Keeping tabs on Obama

    This is a interesting site to keep an eye out on Obama following through on his pre-election promises. It will be interesting to see how many of his goals he will achieve in the next 4 to 8 years. PolitiFact | The Obameter: Tracking Barack Obama's Campaign Promises
  16. intangible child

    Keeping America Safe ... Kind Of

    "According to a Justice Department audit released Wednesday, the inspector general reported the ATF was unable to account for 76 weapons and 418 laptops over the past five years... The inspector general determined that 53 percent of the weapon losses were the result of employees' carelessness or...
  17. tristanrobin

    Keeping the Country Safe...

    Buffalo Area Gay Vet Fights To Change DADT by WIVB-TV Posted: June 30, 2007 - 1:00 pm ET (Chautauqua County, New York) A Western New York native who served his country in Iraq has been kicked out of the Army because of his sexuality. News...
  18. tristanrobin

    Keeping the War Against Law Abiding Citizens Blazing

    Michigan Supreme Court: No Health Benefits For Gay Partners by The Associated Press Posted: May 7, 2008 - 1:20 pm ET (Lansing Michigan) Local governments and state universities in Michigan can't offer health insurance to the partners of...
  19. CNN

    'Scrappy little army' keeping Huckabee in fight

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.
  20. Marc85902

    Keeping The Death Penalty Honest.

    Keeping The Death Penalty Honest. by Marc 85902 Now, before anyone gets the idea I’m a bleeding-heart liberal, I wish to state that the absolute BEST deterrent to crime is where the would-be perp gets carried out feet-first in a body-bag after his/her unsuccessful attempt against the...