1. foundit66

    It was the cheese that let John Kelly down

    Why did White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly shift and grimace in discomfort when President Trump spoke about Germany being “totally controlled” by Russia? “[Kelly] was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese,” White House press...
  2. Nwolfe35

    John Kelly squirms

    Anyone else see the video of John Kelly squirming when Herr Dumpster tells his lie about Germany getting energy from Russia? For the life of me I do not understand how...
  3. RNG

    Rumors have Kelly gone

    There is no firm story on this but twitter is alive with speculation that Kelly will be gone shortly. Whether it is his choice or he is being pushed out isn't being discussed, but it is being fed by several sources saying that Dotard is already discussing a replacement. Apparently Pence's...
  4. skews13

    Kelly Commits Crime Over Porter Security Clearance

    After it was reported that Trump chief of staff John Kelly let Rob Porter continue to handle classified information after his security clearance expired, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) noted that Kelly committed a crime and must resign if the report is accurate. John Kelly Committed A Crime By Letting...
  5. Clara007

    John Kelly Offers to Resign

    I guess we can't go ONE SINGLE day without a White House Scandal. We're calling today the "JOHN KELLY DAY". John Kelly couldn't have handled the Rob Porter mess worse. He was supposed to handle not only Trump but Trump's staff. OOPS. A quick glance at the series of profiles written of...
  6. RNG

    Kelly says the Republican President's pledges were ‘uninformed’

    And I bet he didn't sound surprised. More fun at
  7. RNG

    John Kelly: US Civil War caused by 'lack of compromise'

    This is getting a lot of attention on social media. I think it's Kelly's first public gaff. Will there be more? The article continues at: John Kelly: US Civil War caused by 'lack of compromise' - BBC News
  8. skews13

    S. FLA. Sun Sentinel Has Video Of Rep. Wilson's Speech Proving Kelly A Damn Liar

    The South Florida Sun Sentinel has the full video of the dedication of the FBI building in 2015, which the Miami Herald could not find, proving that Frederica Wilson did not seek to take credit for it’s funding, but only described how she helped to expedite the naming of it for the two fallen...
  9. Camelot

    Kelly To Axe Omarosa, What A Circus.

    Who. Would have thunk that hiring Omarosa to work in the White House was not a good idea ?
  10. 04960319

    Trump calls Bannon and other outsiders on private phone when Kelly isn't around OH NO NOT ME I NEVER LOST CONTROL
  11. Sabcat

    NBC cuts clip of Kelly and Putin.

    This is hilarious.
  12. excalibur

    New Kelly Memos Restore Immigration Enforcement & Rescind *Most* Obama-era Memos

    More promises kept. New Kelly Memos Restore Immigration Enforcement & Rescind *Most* Obama-era Memos 
  13. roastpork

    Megan Kelly is turning into a C***.

    She is turning into a major C***, and if I was Trump I wouldn't give her any more interviews either. During Trumps first Primary Debate, she accused him of calling women fat pits, dogs, etc. when Trump actually only called that fat ass Rosy O'Donnell a pig and a fat ass which she is.^_^ Sean...
  14. skews13

    Scott Kelly Returns From Year In Space

    The 52-year-old NASA astronaut is due back on Earth on Tuesday night after spending 340 straight days -- and more than 140 million miles -- in space, along with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko. That means they'll once again get to experience fresh, running water (no more drinking recycled...
  15. imaginethat

    Kelly Gissendaner Sang 'Amazing Grace' During Execution

    Except for the most heinous of crimes, I'm against the death penalty. Kelly Gissendaner Sang 'Amazing Grace' During Execution - NBC News
  16. skews13

    Fox News In Disarray As Viewers Support Trump Over Megyn Kelly

    Fox News In Disarray As Their Own Viewers Support Donald Trump Over Megyn Kelly The real reason Fox News gave in decided to play nice with Donald Trump is that they were flooded with criticism...
  17. K

    megyn kelly interviews the duggars tonight at 9pm

    Megyn Kelly Reveals How She Scored Duggar Interview Amidst Scandal - Us Weekly Megyn Kelly revealed how exactly she scored the first interview with Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, slated to air on The Kelly File on Wednesday, June 3, in the wake of their son Josh's molestation...
  18. LongWinded

    Maddow To Fox's Megyn Kelly: Racist Work Emails Aren't Normal (VIDEO)

    Maddow To Fox's Megyn Kelly: Racist Work Emails Aren't Normal (VIDEO) Megyn Kelly is stupid. Real, real stupid. She's the blonde version of Sarah Palin. Racism IS standard practice at FOX; we've all known that. But Corporations don't cave into the racist attitudes from employees openly...
  19. Medicine Man

    "Bubbles" Kelly BUSTED....Again!!

    FAUX Noise Bimbos.....
  20. Medicine Man

    Senator Kelly Ayotte; Super Psychic!!!

    Gee.....where could she have gotten such a crazy idea?????