1. goober

    10 killed, 10 wounded in Texas school shooting

    Totally worth it to be able to fondle my Glock
  2. guy39

    Chicago violence: 7 killed in one neighborhood in 12 hours

    Nothing to see here. Its just brown people. Its not the precious mostly white suburban high school kids. All is well. Read more @
  3. U

    Sad days over the children killed

    I watched politicians try to gain political favor on the backs of those dead children......enough to make a body sick to the core...LORD HAVE MERCY ON US?????
  4. U

    over 3000 babies killed each day

    in the USA, and you think this country will prosper........
  5. skews13

    US Air Strikes Killed Hundreds Of Russian Mercenaries In Syria

    Academi? Hmm... And then I saw this story on Politico; Keep this on your radar.
  6. S

    Another American citizen killed by an Illegal!

    Drunken, twice deported criminal invader kills two American citizens. Think about it, guy gets an uber to obey the law and not drive drunk gets killed by this criminal not only breaking the law being here but driving drunk. There is blood on the hands of liberals. Edwin Jackson, Indianapolis...
  7. Sabcat

    ‘Swatting’ Prank Gets Innocent Man Killed
  8. Quigley

    ‘Piece of sh*t’ terrorist should have been killed, not given trial’

    A Libyan militant who was involved in the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans was convicted of terrorism charges on Tuesday, but the jury found him not guilty in other serious charges, including murder.guilty in other serious charges, including murder. The real crime here is that...
  9. titan

    NYPD allowed NY truckman to live. Would it be better if a 2d shot killed the killer?

    Early reports indicate the automotive murderer was shot in the abdomen, and is recovering in hospital. While some intelligence may be derived from debriefing the suspect, that scant intelligence will come at the cost of $millions in incarceration, guard, medical, housing, legal defense, and...
  10. Hashtag

    Eight people killed, 12 injured in NYC terror attack

    Those are the most recent numbers given Truck attack on a bike path. Claims are it was a rental truck used to run them down, and recent claims say it was intentional.
  11. Quigley

    Three American Soldiers Killed in Niger in Suspected Ambush

    Three U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were killed and two were wounded in Niger on Wednesday, in an ambush by suspected Islamic militants operating from Mali, multiple sources with knowledge of the incident told NBC News. According to the sources, one soldier form Niger was also killed in...
  12. S

    Antoher cop killed, thanks libs!

    New York City cop 'assassinated' in the Bronx | Fox News New York City cop 'assassinated' in the Bronx Published July 05, 2017 Fox News Now Playing No evidence that slain NYPD officer, gunman knew each other A New York cop was "assassinated" while sitting in her marked NYPD vehicle...
  13. Sabcat

    Communism killed 94M in the 20th century, feels the need to kill again
  14. imaginethat

    Family of black 15-year-old killed by police asks no protests until after funeral

    The officer was fired from his job for violating department policy?!?!? The 15-year old Jordan Edwards was a straight-A student, a talented and well-liked athlete, and came from a two-parent home. Only one problem. He was black. More...
  15. coke

    Paris attack: 1 police officer killed, 2 seriously injured

    Paris attack: 1 police officer killed, 2 seriously injured in shooting on famed Champs-Élysées?? | Fox News
  16. U

    This man killed little girl in Chicago - Breaking News | Latest News | Current News
  17. RNG

    Ex-KGB member with ties to the Golden Shower file killed

    IT, do you have more info on this. Thumbnail sketch from the link. An ex-KGB operative who is linked to Christopher Steele was found dead in the back of his car. Of course some are wondering if there is a direct link. Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy's dossier on Donald...
  18. coke

    5 killed in Washington State Mall

    Police hunt gunman who killed 5 at Washington state mall Yeah that is bad. Another gun free zone I am sure. 5 people in a mall. What a tragedy. Probably all white to. Terrible. Oh, wait here is something that everyone will ignore. Week in Progress (9/18 – 9/24) Shot & Killed: 18 Shot...
  19. tristanrobin

    Number of Americans Killed Annually ...

    It would seem we have to worry far more about babies, beds, and buses than we do Islamic terrorists.