1. RNG

    White House's futile leak crackdown

    I was tempted to put this into the political humor forum, but then people might think it wasn't true. It is. Plus, I'm posting the article in its entirety since it is from the Axios AM Newsletter and so I can't link it. Best line of the day, someone who I don't remember tweeted about this...
  2. RNG

    White House leakers leak about leaking

    Here's an interesting view of the current and past situation in the White House by a reporter, Jonathan Swan who has covered it for many years. In my experience the guy has been gold as to the stories he has broken. From the Axios "Sneak Peak" look at the coming week:
  3. RNG

    The reason behind the WH leak problem

    A bit of a long read, but very interesting. The real reason the Trump administration has such a leak problem https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2017/5/19/15662842/trump-leaks-stop
  4. League of Justice

    Anti-Trump Leak Campaign Damaging U.S. and Allied Operations

    Anti-Trump Leak Campaign Damaging U.S. and Allied Operations The rats that are Obama people. Anti-Trump Leak Campaign Damaging U.S. and Allied Operations
  5. Sabcat

    Is Hillary Clinton DYING? Leak exposes medical secret

    Is Hillary Clinton DYING? Leak exposes medical secret - Politics & Policy - News - Catholic Online
  6. RNG

    Colin Powell calls Trump 'national disgrace' in email leak

    Here's a powerful message from a man who garners a lot of respect the world over. Colin Powell calls Trump 'national disgrace' in email leak - BBC News
  7. skews13

    FBI Warns GOP, Don't Leak Clinton Email Files

    Should someone from Capitol Hill leak the information, prosecution could be pursued. And should a Republican be stupid enough to allow such a leak, their moral high ground argument that Clinton was reckless with handling classified information would be completely and utterly decimated. FBI...
  8. intangible child

    The Latest Snowden Leak Is Devastating to NSA Defenders

    The agency collected and stored intimate chats, photos, and emails belonging to innocent Americans-and secured them so poorly that reporters can now browse them at will. By Conor Friedersdorf July 07, 2014 "ICH" - "The Atlantic" - - Consider the latest leak sourced to Edward Snowden from...
  9. excalibur

    Possible Nuclear Leak In Israel

    Breaking story. Rockets hit Dimona facility. nuclear - In-A-Gist Search 
  10. Mrs. CJ Parker

    Did Petraeus mistress leak classified information? CIA and Fox News offer competing c

    Did Petraeus mistress leak classified information? CIA and Fox News offer competing claims Talk about scandals....Fox news implicated now in releasing classified information. Doesn't get much more anti-American, than the FOX opinions releasing classified stuff.
  11. tristanrobin

    Watch this poor woman's brains leak out her ears ...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cUXDKnL4xGE damn, she is p.o.'ed she's being made to think LOL LOL LOL
  12. garysher

    Gates orders investigation into DADT leak

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- The Pentagon says U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is disappointed that a Pentagon report on the matter of gays serving in the military was leaked. Gates ordered an investigation into the leak Friday, ABC News reported. The Washington Post reported Thursday the...
  13. CNN

    Army private transferred to Virginia amid leak investigation

    An Army private suspected of leaking classified material, including videos and other documents, has been transferred from Kuwait to a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Virginia. More...
  14. intangible child

    Oil pipeline leak pollutes major Michigan river

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Southern Michigan residents are learning that devastating oil spills aren't limited to the Gulf Coast. Crews were working Wednesday to contain and clean up an estimated 877,000 gallons of oil that coated birds and fish as it poured into a creek and flowed into the...
  15. CNN

    Obama to discuss plugging leak, restoring Gulf

    President Barack Obama will discuss the oil-leak containment strategy in his Tuesday night speech about the Gulf oil disaster, a senior administration official told CNN Monday. More...
  16. intangible child

    Second Oil Leak In Gulf?

    Off-Shore Drilling Stocks Fall Amid Reports Of Another Leak - WSJ.com Second oil leak reported in the Gulf of Mexico from Ocean Saratoga rig June 8 (Bloomberg) -- Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. fell in New York trading after Businessinsider.com said the company’s Ocean Saratoga rig is...
  17. CNN

    Obama: Stop finger-pointing over oil leak

    President Obama on Friday criticized executives from BP and two other companies for blaming each other for the continuing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. More...
  18. intangible child

    First Underwater Images of the Gulf Oil Leak (What BP Won't Show You) [Updated]

    BREAKING: The pressure from citizens, the media, and politicians must have got to BP, because they finally released a video from the gushing oil leak! Check it out below. YouTube - Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part45) - Underwater video of oil gushing into Gulf of Mexico YouTube - Crater Plume...
  19. L

    Nice "prompt" Fed response to drilling rig leak

    They excuse their eight day response time by saying "the Coast Guard got there quickly." They always do, as they received an SOS. Louisiana fucked once again by slothful politicians. This time Dem Pres and Rep Gov. Maybe President ought to spend less time income redistributing, race...
  20. Cubbie

    Lawmaker wants to know source of leak on Obama's aunt

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – A Democratic lawmaker on Saturday asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to investigate a leak to reporters regarding the immigration status of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's aunt, suggesting the Bush administration may have been behind it. "I...