1. roastpork

    The Left strikes again?

    The righteous Left strikes a blow for Hillary, maybe? DeVos' $40 million yacht vandalized at Huron dock - The Blade
  2. tristanrobin

    I Quit - This is it - I quit. There's no hope left in me.

  3. Clicker II

    More desperation from the left

    Getting sticky out there. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/moderate_dems_meet_to_save_party_from_the_socialists.html
  4. Sabcat

    Bernie Sanders Is Not the Left

  5. skews13

    GOP Trying To Deflect Criticism With New Left Is Unhinged Narrative

    Have you been noticing this the last few days, and notice you are starting to see posts here parroting the talkingpoints?
  6. J

    I propose that all far left change the lives of all Right wing politicians.

    It's simple, I propose that the far left make it impossible for the right to be out in the public. Everything should be used to achieve this other then violence. All of the left should boycott businesses that are supporting this threat to our country. It's time that democrats take a stand...
  7. L

    Gay Couple Left With Brain Injuries Following St Petersburg Attack Ahead of World Cup

    https://www.si.com/soccer/2018/06/14/gay-couple-left-brain-injuries-following-st-petersburg-attack-ahead-world-cup-kick Sad. Russia is a disgusting place. Unfortunately, I am betting this is just the first. (Side note-I am assuming given the poor English in this article, that the person who...
  8. B

    The double standard of the left (Samantha Bee)

    Samantha Bee may have apologized but Kathy Griffin, Sally Field, other Hollywood liberals standing by her | Fox News Samantha Bee may have apologized but Kathy Griffin, Sally Field, other Hollywood liberals standing by her. It's only cool to make s horrible remarks if you are a liberal...
  9. tristanrobin

    A Clear Division Between Left and Right Wing Thinking

    I believe this piece by Tillerson is an excellent example of the difference between the thinking of the Left Leaning and Right Leaning people in America. The Left Leaning people see the world in shades of this point of view; the Right Leaning people don't see these things as particularly...
  10. tristanrobin

    Trump-voting crab town left shell-shocked by his visa changes

    Trump-voting crab town left shell-shocked by his visa changes New restrictions on a program that allowed seasonal foreign workers to enter the U.S. are devastating Hoopers Island, Maryland. by Kendall Breitman / May.15.2018 / 4:41 AM ET / Updated 7:51 AM ET HOOPERS ISLAND, Md. — This...
  11. B

    Left leaners will not like this!

    Because it is good for America, let the Lying begin! My prediction is it will something along the lines of yeah look what Obummer did. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/05/10/the-us-job-market-hits-a-milestone-it-hasnt-reached-in-nearly-20-years For the first time since the Bureau of Labor...
  12. B

    Another problem with our Left leaning people

    Where is all the diverse, tolerant, compassion at? If you are just going to claim free speech fine, but there is the issue of decency also! http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/383872-fresno-state-tenured-professor-who-attacked-barbara-bush-could Fresno State investigating...
  13. xMathFanx

    Lindsey Sheppard: Goodbye to the Left

    Lindsay Shepherd: Goodbye to the Left https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpg6P1PNWR8
  14. houseknight

    How an extreme left became anti-zionist left

    How an extreme left became an anti-Zionist left In order to explain the issue, I will use a left-wing Marxist analysis. Karl Marx was the son of a respected clerk in court. Vladimir Lenin was the son of a high-ranking official in the education system of Tsarist regime. Hitler was the...
  15. xMathFanx

    The Self-Contradictory Nature of Both the Left and Right

    The Self-Contradictory Nature of Both the Left and Right A huge problem with the typical talk surrounding the Left-Right dynamic is that the many of the positions/views on both sides are self-contradictory and often highly out of step with theory. A few examples I have previously given about...
  16. skews13

    Democrats Need To Scrap The Left vs Center Argument And Follow The Base

    A common theme on political shows when talking about Democrats is for commentators to ask: Who is the leader of the party? What's plainly obvious now to anyone who is paying attention—as it has been from the moment Donald Trump got elected last year—is that the People are leading...
  17. Sabcat

    Hippies gave us wonderful things, but they left an evil legacy too

  18. B

    The Left's Long Goodbye

    The Mueller fiasco was a weak counterpunch from an opponent up against the ropes, battered and bleeding. Excellent analysis here. The Left's Long Goodbye
  19. Endtherepublic

    The left we want to build: Breaking out of the margins

    The left we want to build: Breaking out of the margins ? Communist Party USA
  20. webguy4

    Leaving the Left