1. Nwolfe35

    Trump is a liar

    I realize that the thread title is not really shocking news but it needs to be pointed out every time he lies. On June 27th Trump tweeted: HOUSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PASS THE STRONG BUT FAIR IMMIGRATION...
  2. L

    Admitted liar, narcissist Wolff says book will bring down Trump.

    Wow! This guy is full of himself. He puts out a book he admits is full of fiction and claims in an interview with BBC that this will end the Trump Presidency. At least he admits what his motives for the book were. I wonder how many libs here buy his idiocy and think this will end Trump...
  3. tristanrobin

    I've Never Seen a Liar Like President Trump

    I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump. He tells far more lies, and far more cruel ones, than ordinary people do. President Trump has made more than 1,318 false or misleading statements According to The Fact Checker's calculation, the president now averages 5 false or...
  4. skews13

    S. FLA. Sun Sentinel Has Video Of Rep. Wilson's Speech Proving Kelly A Damn Liar

    The South Florida Sun Sentinel has the full video of the dedication of the FBI building in 2015, which the Miami Herald could not find, proving that Frederica Wilson did not seek to take credit for it’s funding, but only described how she helped to expedite the naming of it for the two fallen...
  5. Clara007

    Prez Liar and the Green Beret Deaths

    Well, hallelujah! 12 days after the death of four Green Berets in Niger the sitting president has something to say. "Breaking his public silence about four American soldiers killed during an ambush in Niger, President Donald Trump said Monday he'd penned personal letters to their families and...
  6. justoneman

    Susan Rice a liar

    Susan Rice on allegations of unmasking Trump administrators: "Absolutely false". This was 5 months ago. Susan Rice denies Trump's unmasking charge - CNN Video Susan Rice today admits she willfully unmasked 3 Trump administrators. Rice told investigators why she unmasked Trump aides -...
  7. GhostRider

    Another promise broken by the liar Trump

    Trump's promised hotline for veterans remains unfilled Another campaign promise broken by the liar trump to the Vets he conned into voting for him.
  8. eldorado67

    Liar Obama and the Iran Giveaway

    Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway By dropping charges against major arms targets, the administration infuriated Justice Department officials — and undermined its own counterproliferation task forces. Obama's hidden Iran deal giveaway - POLITICO
  9. GhostRider

    The Trump Administration's Reefer Madness A comedic look at the liar trump's and Elf sessions ridiculous views on marijuana. When the Bible thumpers and right wing hypocrites own up to the hazards of booze, and ban booze, they can can try to ban marijuana but...
  10. skews13

    Half Of Americans Say Trump Is A Liar. Majority Say He's Dishonest

    Overall, the recent PPP poll does not bode well for Trump, Americans are wholly rejecting the sitting President with the majority simply dissatisfied with his job performance and almost half believing he needs to be impeached. Whether Trump can turn his perception among Americans around is yet...
  11. GhostRider

    O'Reilly was taken down by 'New York Times' reporter he threatened in 2015 It took two years but this female reporter took down O'Reilly.
  12. GhostRider

    Trump Just Crashed A Purple Heart Ceremony And Embarrassed Himself

    Trump Just Crashed A Purple Heart Ceremony And Embarrassed Himself The draft dodger, coward and liar trump doesn't know how to present a Purple Heart. He congratulated the recipient instead of thanking him. Under normal circumstance this wouldn't be a very big deal but given how the right wing...
  13. GhostRider

    Republithugs protecting their liar in chief Trump.

    They Lied: McConnell And Ryan Just Blocked Expanded Russia Probe To Shield Trump From Impeachment The righties gare afraid to attachk the trump / russia connection as throughly as they attacked Clinton and Obama.
  14. GhostRider

    The liar trump adding more stink to the swamp.

    Trump Taps Salesman To Run Military Draft | The Huffington Post Benton is just as crooked as trump, a carnival con man like trump and unqualified like trump, has no military experience but is put in charge of the Selective Service Admin. The stench in the trump swamp of corruption is...
  15. GhostRider

    The liar Trump on another golf trip to Florida at taxpayer expense.

    Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year - Where is the outcry from the right about the excessive spending of taxpayer money by their liar in chief trump?
  16. GhostRider

    One or more of the liar Trump's litter involved in criminal behavior.

    Source: foreign intel gives tape to FBI of Donald Trump's kids engaging in criminal behavior - Palmer Report Being that none in the liar trump's litter of misfits and deplorables has the slightest bit of moral fiber, it could be one or all three of the trump's first three.
  17. GhostRider

    Right wing liar and Fox Fake news contributor, pleads guilty

    Fox News Contributor Who Claimed Hillary Clinton Was A 'Criminal' Pleads Guilty To Felony Fraud Another of the Fox Fake News and propaganda fake contributors involved in spreading fake news about Benghazi pleads guilty to felony fraud.
  18. GhostRider

    The liar Trump's thirteen broken promises.

    Robert Reich: Trump?s 13 Broken Promises (So Far) The liar trump's promises to his weak minded followers are being broken daily but the weak minded still support their liar in chief.
  19. GhostRider

    The liar Trump considering cutting SS payroll tax.

    Trump's proposal to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax may be his worst idea yet - LA Times I never met anyone with a brain who had a problem with a few dollars deducted from their pay each week to guarantee a secure future. What people are pissed about is politicians dipping in...
  20. GhostRider

    The liar Trump loses again

    BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules AGAINST Trump. Millions Affected. For awhile longer we will still have clean water.o