1. RNG

    Trumps latest lies

    I know we have a thread for listing his lies, but this one IMO deserves its own. Wow. Putin fucking flat-assed stated he wanted Dotard to win. Tough on Russia? - he lies.
  2. tristanrobin

    Anatomy of a Trump Rally: 76% of Statements Are Lies

    Anatomy of a Trump Rally: 76 Percent of Claims are False, Misleading or Lacking Evidence We’re doing something new: analyzing every factual claim from President Trump’s campaign rally in Montana on Thursday. According to The Fact Checker’s database, the president had made 3,251 false or...
  3. B

    The title lies! No such thing no matter how you slice it:lol::lol:
  4. Camelot

    Trump Lies About Korean War Remains

    This is a new low for this creep. Cadet Bone Spurs has been bragging about the return of the remains of 200 heroes killed in the Korean War. Only problem, the draft dodging coward lied..........AGAIN
  5. fandango

    What Lies Upstream.

    This is the title of a documentary you need to see. If you haven't already. There are many disturbing things in it. One of which is the way that chemical companies have to get rid of toxic waste. Basically, they just flush it down the toilet! I wonder how that sounds to the deregulation...
  6. RNG

    The Republican President lies

    Again and again and again. And the Trumpazees not only don't care, they cheer him on.
  7. J

    How does a party exist when every word of their leaders are lies

    How sick can this country be and how much more sick can the right take it, with the politics of hate. Their hate list is lengthy and their politician has accommodate these haters with endless hate speech and unholy ideas, with the premises that, they charge ignorantly, as being the problems in...
  8. Sabcat

    The Lies and Hypocrisy of the Civil War
  9. RNG

    The Republican President lies again

    This morning the Republican President tweeted: Emphasis is mine. The guy can't keep from lying. Before this tweet, CNN, Axios, CBC and BBC all reported that among two others, Obama's first SOTU had a larger audience. Here's BBC report today: State of the Union: Trump audience...
  10. J

    Richard Fowler lies by misdirection on Foxnews over sanctuary cities

    This evening, 1/24/2018, Richard Fowler appeared on The Story (fox News Channel) with Martha MacCallum. The subject being sanctuary cities and their elected leaders who violate the law. Fowler went on and on about court rulings in which the court agrees the federal government cannot force...
  11. tristanrobin

    Trump warned 'no more games, no more lies'

    Trump warned 'no more games, no more lies' after FBI says it wants to question president in Russia probe A former ethics la​wyer to George W Bush has warned Donald Trumpthere will be “no more games" and "no more lies”, after it emerged the FBI plans to question the President as part of its...
  12. L

    Wolff admits his Trump book is full of lies.

    But Liberals won't believe his own words. They will continue to push this book as accurate despite the fact Wolfe says this IN HIS OWN BOOK! Michael Wolff note says he doesn't know if Trump book is all true - Business Insider
  13. Proud Feminist

    Gender dysphoria and lies

    Many of you will be surprised that we actually work with conservative's in certain area's. Women's Liberation Front | WoLF Statement on Working With Conservatives
  14. RNG

    The Republican President's new string of lies

    This is a summary from the Axios AM newsletter from the source linked in the blue text:
  15. RNG

    And Dot.Don lies again.

    Does anyone remember how D.D, during the campaign said the NK problem could be solved by him talking to Lil' Kimmy, because of course he is such a great negotiator you would get sick of winning? And I'm sure most of you, the last two days have read news reports about Tillerson trying to...
  16. Camelot

    Trump Lies About Pershing........Again

    The Hater in Chief just could not help embarrassing our country again in the wake of the Barcelona attacks by repeating a right wing nut job fake news story about General Pershing. He is mentally unfit for office. This fool MUST resign already...
  17. Panther

    Trump Lies

    The Lies of Donald Trump's Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas
  18. RNG

    A long list - Trump's lies

    A neat article. Scroll down and see a calendar depiction of them, among other things...
  19. GhostRider

    All credible networks refuse to air Trumps campaign lies

    CNN, ABC, NBC, And CBS All Ban Trump's New Campaign Ad - I hope this becomes a new and lasting trend for all news outlets, for all politicians.
  20. GhostRider

    Trump lies again about size of rally.

    Empty seats at Pennsylvania rally give the lie to Trump?s claim of ?record breaking? crowd The liar trump doesn't know about that new technology called a camera.