1. RNG

    Lil Kimmy is smartening up

    North Korean official calls Mike Pence a "political dummy,” threatens to cancel summit This is from the WSJ which is behind a paywall. The headline was posted in the Axios stream. Here is the WSJ link...
  2. RNG

    Lil' Kimmie won that round - Putin

    The great shit-disturber does his thing. And the Republican President can't see he's being played.
  3. RNG

    Trump on Lil' Kimmy

    He was particularly impressed with how he blew his uncle away. Donald Trump: N Korea's Kim Jong-un a 'smart cookie' - BBC News
  4. Medicine Man

    Lil' Eddie Gillespie; FOR (His) Racial-Gerrymandering....

    .....Before he was.....
  5. Medicine Man

    Lil' Dumbya; BUSTED!!!!

    Big DICK Nixon had his 18 minutes....and, Lil' Dumbya has his.....
  6. Medicine Man

    Saudi Religious Police; Getting A Lil' Too Freudian??

    This sounds like a job for..... ....Bundy's Angels!!!!
  7. Medicine Man

    Putin = Lil' Dumbya II????

    It surely is lookin' that way......
  8. Medicine Man

    "God"; The Teabaggers' Own, Private, Lil' Merc???

    They seem to think, so!!!!
  9. Medicine Man

    Lil' Randy; Big, Bad "Libertarian"!!!!!

    I guess it's always possible he was breaking-in a NEW pair o'.....
  10. Medicine Man

    Rikers Island; Our Own, Private, Lil' Abu Ghraib!!

    THIS is what makes us exceptional?? Yeah.....Exceptional....that's what we are.....
  11. Medicine Man


    "Ya' Did A HECKUVA JOB...DUMBYA!!" - YouTube
  12. Medicine Man

    C.I.A. Torture: Would That Be Lil' Dumbya de Sade...

    ....or, Alberto de Sade??? * *
  13. Medicine Man

    Gettin' A Lil' Nervous, In FLA!!!

    No....not another shooting. It's just a herd o' Teabaggers....upset about losing their pro-Voter-ID Governor!
  14. Medicine Man

    Lil' Dumbya's Legacy!!