1. imaginethat

    LSD making comeback as professionals drop ACID before work

    Microdosing, taking a tenth of a psychoactive dose, seems to benefit the mind More:
  2. imaginethat

    LSD Makes The Brain More Complete: Scientists

    Something long suspected now has evidence to back it up, the "oneness" thing, and the induced death of the ego. And: As an individual matures, her thinking becomes more rigid.... To her detriment. The supple branch bends with the wind. The brittle branch snaps. LSD Makes The Brain More...
  3. intangible child

    The Beatles take LSD in Los Angeles with The Byrds and Peter Fonda

    This was The Beatles' second day off during their five-day break in the 1965 North America tour. They rented a house owned by Zsa Zsa Gabor at 2850 Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills, where they were visited by a number of people. This was the day on which John Lennon and George Harrison had...
  4. intangible child

    LSD and other psychedelics not linked with mental health problems

    "The authors found no link between the use of psychedelic drugs and a range of mental health problems. Instead they found some significant associations between the use of psychedelic drugs and fewer mental health problems. The results are published in the 19 August edition of journal PLOS ONE...
  5. intangible child

    Getting High: A History of LSD

    48 min. YouTube - Getting High: A History of LSD