1. TupSum

    Trump proposed to Macron

    Turns out Trump proposed to Macron to leave the European Union in exchange for a special bilateral trade deal. Divide et empera (divide and conquer), if that fails, bitch on Twitter. Not sure how to write that in latin though...
  2. T


    Beaten Le Pen 2017's election campaign and he are former centrism as capitalist in issues. Hail Macron!!
  3. imaginethat

    ]mmanuel Macron just went after Russia — to Putin’s face

    Oh, if we only had a leader of Putin's ... er, I mean Macron's caliber..... More: Watch: Macron slams RT, Sputnik news as 'lying propaganda' at Putin press conference
  4. T

    All Hail Macron!

    European leaders hailed the victory of centrist Emmanuel Macron in the French election on Sunday as a vote for European unity and a blow to political forces that had sought to build on last year's Brexit vote to tear apart the European Union. "Your victory is a victory for a strong united...
  5. Sabcat

    Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron leading the race as polls open
  6. S

    Macron moves in the Élysée Palace on shoulders of migrants and jihadists

    It seems that in France all European Liberals have decided to offer a battle to the triumphant Rights seeing that crowds of naturalized migrants have been thrown into the battle to support 'Francois Hollande 2.0' (Emmanuel Macron) as their new hope. In recent months, the country's authorities...