1. R

    Making Excuses for Russiagate – Consortiumnews

    Ever since Trump somehow landed in the White House, the next big mystery to me has been why the operatives that run the Democratic Party and their loyal mouthpieces in mainstream corporate media decided to try to find ways to blame a foreign enemy rather than the obvious frauds committed by...
  2. imaginethat

    LSD making comeback as professionals drop ACID before work

    Microdosing, taking a tenth of a psychoactive dose, seems to benefit the mind More:
  3. H

    Russia making 100-megaton torpedo with Uranium they got from Hillary

    This people is the story, and why our FBI needs to be gutted like a fish The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo - called "Status-6" - should not have appeared on Russian TV news. The leak happened during a report on state-run Channel One about President...
  4. U

    Grooming in the making 37 years old.....
  5. tristanrobin

    President Just Keeps Making Us Proud ...
  6. Polari

    How Do You Defend This If this was Obama’s the right would have lost their collective shit......
  7. Neil

    Climate alarmists are making "arbitrary" adjustments to sea level data

    Is this climategate 2? 'Arbitrary' adjustments exaggerate sea level rise, study finds | Fox News Climate change activists 'exaggerate sea level rise' | Daily Mail Online Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise More Global Warming Fraud: This Time, It?s Sea Level | Power...
  8. G

    Notice the kind of people making

    attacks against the President? Samantha Holvey, the beauty pageant constestant that says Trump cam "backstage", where they girls were getting make up and saw her "naked in a robe". Wow..she was gong to parade across a stage and in front of millions of TV watchers in a bikini and she was upset...
  9. G

    This attack on Flynn is making no sense.

    He has served this nation, honorably, for years and now people are posting as though he is a rabid criminal. So he lied to the FBI about 2 meetings. Hillary lied to them over much more and those who are so gleeful in attacking Flynn found no problems with that...even the FBI. Hillary claimed...
  10. tristanrobin

    Making a military widow cry: that is a classic Trump move

    Making a military widow cry: that is a classic Trump move Instead of standing on a pedestal, he clambers down into the gutter of Twitter where he can indulge in the pettiest form of politics Just when you thought there was nothing left to destroy – no more rules or taboos to break –...
  11. tristanrobin

    Thanks Pence and Trump for Making Homophobia Acceptable ...

    This 8-Year-Old Boy Was Tortured and Murdered Because His Alleged Killer Thought He Was Gay A Los Angeles woman and her boyfriend are facing trial for torturing and killing the woman’s son, eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez. The trial for the boyfriend, Isaurro Aguirre, began Monday...
  12. tristanrobin

    At least 58 dead, more than 500 injured after shooting on Las Vegas Strip

    Jesus. I wake up to my morning news. The horrific tragic events in Las Vegas - at this point 50 dead - over 200 wounded - worst mass shooting in U.S. history. And it's still being updated. President of the United States "tweets" that the diplomat to North Korea should just stop wasting...
  13. A

    Offline matchmaking making a serious rebound

    After nearly 20 years of growth in the onlindating/matchmaking industry, offline is making a big comeback. Why online matchmaking is prone to massive fraud, intentional and unintentional. Men complain that women's profile pictures have no resemblance to the way they really look. Both men and...
  14. Sabcat

    Making Fun of Antifa at the Boston Free Speech Rally

    This is pretty good. Take a look at all the nazis. I think i saw camel rider in the beginning. Kinda a fat "guy" w/ short dark hair. For something who denies their existence he sure seems to be emerged in their ideology. Sad, angry authoritarian.
  15. tristanrobin

    Trump has been making ominous threats his whole life

    Trump Has Been making Ominous Threats His Whole Life How did we get here? Why does it appear that we’re on the brink of a war in Asia, one that could involve nuclear weapons? North Korea has had nuclear-weapons capacity for at least 10 years. Have its recent advances been so dramatic and...
  16. Sabcat

    Canadian app gives users points for making government approved choices
  17. T

    Sally Yates: Making America Scared Again Won't Make Us Safer

    All across the political spectrum, in red states and blue states, from*Sen. John Cornyn*(R-Tex.) and*the Koch brothers*to*Sen. Patrick Leahy*(D-Vt.) and*the American Civil Liberties Union, there is broad consensus that the “lock them all up and throw away the key” approach embodied in mandatory...
  18. J

    Making America into a taxpayer funded maternity ward for illegal aliens

    See: Pew: 275,000 Babies Born in U.S. From Illegal Alien Mothers in 2014 ”The report also showed that in 2014 those 275,000 births represented seven percent of the 4 million births in the U.S. Births to illegal alien mothers accounted for about one-in-three births (32%) to foreign-born...
  19. webguy4

    Making money

    I just sorted and wrapped up four dollars in pre 1982 pennies. When the government stops issuing pennies I expect to at least double my money.
  20. U

    Slid in between and started making money